Dan's film Revolution 1 on Banff World Tour


To let you know, the short 10 minute version of Dan Heaton’s yet-to-be-released film Revolution 1 screened November 3 in Banff, Canada, as part of the Banff Mountain Film Festival. The Banff festival is the Cannes of mountain films, so it’s very competitive and it’s really cool that they selected it for screening.

Rev1 was also selected to be on the Banff Festival World Tour. This is the world’s biggest outdoor film festival tour and screens in multiple locations in 35 countries, from now until Fall 2010.

Here is a link to the tour schedule for countries except for Canada and the US.

Here are links to the Canadian and US tour stops.

Tour locations play a selection of films that are on the world tour. When Skilletto, Unizaba and Whitetrax played on the tour they screened most places, so I hope Rev1 will too. But if you want to check it out you might contact the local organizer and request it - definitely it would be great to see it screen as many places as we can so that would be really appreciated.



thats awesome! I hope when it comes to my town that it gets chosen. I really want to see it.

Yay! it’ll be in Ottawa! I will surely go see it then:)

I would probably go see this at the field museum on april 20/21.


I’ll be in New-Zealand for Unicon when they’ll present the film in Montreal.

so sad…


I went and saw the premiere of it a while back. Its a great movie, and I think most people will be pleasantly surprised by it when they see it.

Any chance for us europeans to see the film?

The first link is to showings outside the US and Canada, including in Germany.

I have been going to the Banff Film Festival for many years. It comes to my city in January and I’ve been excited about seeing this film there for a while now. They even wrote an article about it in the festival magazine.

I will make sure that I email the hosts and specially request it.

There was a unicycle film there either last year or the year before that was the crowd favourite both nights. (they played it the first night but since everyone liked it so much they played it again the second night)

oh man i missed it.It says it was May 23rd…

I might just be bale to go see it in wellington yea my birthday is may 7th so It could be an early bday present or something lol

Edit: those are 2009 dates

All the dates for New Zealand are 2009 dates.Other countries seem to get the festival alot later

Yes… I am not Montreal

All of the german dates are way back in the past :frowning:

They’ve probably not organised 2010 yet, I would send the organisers an email…

It’s showing in kingston tonight. I’m thinking of going if there are still tickets left.

It’s gonna be in Ottawa Monday and Tuesday:) I hope Revolution One will be shown, they told it was a “Best Of” thing…

Bugger, I can only see it in April, and in Austin :frowning: They’re also showing Rowing The Atlantic, about Roz Savage’s solo row across the Atlantic. She’s also done 2 stages out of 3 rowing the Pacific solo. She does a podcast at twit.com from the ocean when she’s in the middle of the journey.

I didn’t catch my bus in time when I finished school today so I missed it. Too bad.

it was “INNER BALANCE”. Here’s the link.

Extreme Unicycling Inner Balance DVD Trailer
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