Danny Macaskill - Way back home

Very well edited video … and of course some amazing skills :slight_smile:

Makes my home town (and country) look beautiful, absolutely breath taking!

Better edited than the first vid I think, nice idea to travel the country hitting unusual spots. Obviously the riding speaks for itself.


God, my pants just got wet :stuck_out_tongue:

is it just me or was there too much padding during the first song? its strange cos i usually pad up videos a lot myself and i always appreciate it more than most, but in this video it just felt to me like there was too much padding in the first song.

besides that it was still a really awesome video!! filming was tops and riding was just sooooo smooth

One of the best videos i have ever seen. :slight_smile: amazing song choice.

i like it that there were a lot of clips with no bicycle. it shows a lot of the landscape of scotland. i would like to see unicycle videos like that one :roll_eyes:

I don’t want to see this in toooooo many unicycle videos. Some people over do it and it just gets ridiculous. Makes you start wondering after 2min into the video if there will actually be any unicycling or not.

Most the time its over done but Dannys video it was pulled off really well i think

yeah this guy is the absolute bomb, love the effortless, fluid (and humble) style he’s got going. have been looking forward to Way Back Home being released, great followup to his earlier video.

Stunning and brilliant riding, but the amazing cinematography added to it immensely! (I’m sure it cost somebody a bundle to have it professionally filmed and edited!)

He’s sponsored by redbull and the video was uploaded by redbull so they probably funded it

worth checking out the interview video released beforehand.


That kind of footage can look amazing, but it can also be really crap if the mood of the video doesn’t fit or the music/editing is bad. Some people can pull it off nicely though, like this vid or a lot of yours Raphael. :slight_smile:

yes maybe, but there are almost no unicycle videos, which shows any country ore landscape…

that sounds more like a holiday video :stuck_out_tongue: but i geuss this video sort of was. fair

just awesome, I looked it 4 times yet… and only 4 times, it’s just crazy skills! :astonished: