Danish Vid

TCUC had a bunch of danes come for 2 weeks to MN and heres a vid of me and mads

mads is the one in the yellow im the one in grey

nothing ground breaking in the vid just a fun relaxed video.

hope you enjoy



Nice, that was cool. I like your style.

that was way gnarly.
nice work

Isn’t David from Austria staying with TCUC too? Or was that RTUC?

Hey nice video. Im liking the tre and all that crank roll tricks. cool stuff.

yep he’s was with tcuc. i have some footage of him that ill put out here sometime soon. but i poped my tire grinding a rail so we didnt get enough footage to make a video. so ill put some of the footage with him in it in the next vid.

Youtube version?
The gallery so often doesn’t work:(

yeh i really liked that video really liked your style gordy keep it up

Haha the first time I didn’t watch the credits. :roll_eyes:

Great vid. Are you goin to NAUCC?

I wouldnt miss naucc for anything. naucc was so amazing last time!

Where is naucc this year?
I kno i cannot go.