Danish Uni's

I just found out that the danish (bi)cyclecompany “Taarnby”, manufactures a
20’’ unicycle for only 769 dkkr (ca. 120 USD). I bought one just to check it
out, and it feels quite good (an excellent beginners Uni). If this sounds
interesting contact :

Spurt Cykler Jagtvej 118 København N

Tlf: 35 37 18 18

He can deliver on a day to day basis. And if you want to try it before you buy
it, mail me and try mine (I actually do this for nothing, go figure).

If you wanna get together and start a Uniclub in copenhagen, also mail
me.If you know of any existing clubs please Mail me, I have looked everywhere.
And I know a lot of jugglers, but they just wanna throw things.

P.S. : I just got the Mills Mess to work (victory) :slight_smile:

You’re the victim, I’m the master Beg for mercy, more and faster.

Michael Gade Copenhagen, Denmark

ICQ# : 16305117