Danish/Canadian RTL team: the Hans Islanders

Two Danish and one Canadian unicyclist are now “Team Hans Islanders.”
They are the 11th Ride the Lobster 800km marathon relay race team to register.

Hans Island lies between Ellesmere Island (Canada) and Greenland (Denmark), and is disputed territory. Hans Island is at 80 degrees North and 66 degrees west…Google Earth will get you there. Who says unicyclists don’t have a sense of humour?

Ride the Lobster has also received news that teams from Spain and the Philippines are in the process of registering for the June event.

The RTL Racing Society envies Nathan Hoover and Andy Cotter, part of our route planning team, now touring Vietnam. Dr. Ken looi is also among the 20 riders taking part in the ride Uninam.http://www.uninam.net/index.php?members=directory