Daniel Adelander Xmas flatland

Url:: http://www.unicycle.tv/video/766-DanielAdelanderX-masflatland
Video:: http://videos.unicycle.tv/766.danieladelanderx-masflatland.wmv
My new vid, Im Daniel Adelander from Sweden. Only from riding today with my awesome new sweden seat. Please comment! You dont wanna miss this video… Absolutly my best…

That was amazing flat. Loved all the combos. and you have a huge garage. :astonished:

wow, amazing, everything and the consistency :astonished: . amazing (oops i said that twice:o:D)

i loved the 270 to scuff coast(i think thats what it was). great consistency! we should trade garages :wink:

That was SO nice! Can’t wait to ride with you at wuko :wink:

BTW, Some days ago I was trying the Hand Gliding that we attempted at Unicon last day, got some pretty hard burns on my hand! LOL!


Nice combo’s.

wow. great flat combos :astonished: :slight_smile:

Wow awesome flat man :astonished:

1:20 was just whoo. 3:30 too, you’ve got so clean and nice rolling wraps.

Nice vid -exept music, but who really cares-

Youtube link

All the scuff coasting thingos were real nice. Double crown looks fun.

Haha Ive forgotten that trick long time ago. Ill start practising it again :stuck_out_tongue:

And thanks for all the comments!

That was amazing flat. Such style. Those one foot stand up coasts (scuff?) were rediculous, especially being incorporrated so well into a line. This is definately a keeper.

How is the double crown for flat? Are you running rollo disks?
Anyway great vid, keep it up!

I agree with Emile. Great riding but not the best video.

And I have noticed that sometimes you go straight into a combo from mounting (1:47). Doing this for me is easier (I don’t do it though) because you already will have almost perfect balance when mounting. I will think less of the trick/combo when you do it like this.

1:18 was a nice combo though.

It may be easier, (that’s an opinion however) but the flow is great.

Great video.

Imagine Ralphie getting back his theory


Emile: Its hard to do those things when youre alone.

Well I kinda do that. The reason is clearly coz when I film I have the camera at one place and just ride. I dont se a reason for lways jumping before when i accualy dont think it gets easier or harder. It doesnt matter when you do long combos anyways but thanks for bringing that up Ill start doing the other way to the next vid. :smiley: