Daniel Adelander O´neal Dirt Shin Guards Test Video

My latest vid, its only been filmed this last week but anyway it´s full of good clips. Its a test of the O´neal shin guards, they are available at www.betterforyourbody.com
Plz Comment!
www.einradtrainer.de/utv/files/900/NewHigh.avi Only download possible for now
//Daniel Adelander

Will it be on youtube, vimeo, or UTV soon?

Wow… a lot of nice combos in there. The fifthdouble and treysidetriple are amazing also.

cant see :frowning:

its realllllly skppy and won’t play :frowning:

same for me!

I downloaded it and watched with VLC, the tricks are really good but the footage is really choppy and its hard to see whats going on.

If its choppy its probably because your computer cant read full HD files.
Now its available online to
Url:: http://unicycle.tv/video/1018-DanielAdelanderOnealtest
Video:: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1018.danieladelanderonealtest.mp4

I actually wait for Daniel to fix it. I post when the final file is online

sorry for the long delay but now its done, we reedit the video and it seems to work fine now. You find the new version here:

watch: http://unicycle.tv/video/1026-DanielAdelanderOnealtest
download: http://deluxe.unicycle.tv/1026.danieladelanderonealtest.mp4

oh nice one!
you let the tricks look so easy
and nice treytriple side!

awesome vid!!!:):slight_smile:
sick tricks (triple side, double fifth,900…)
are you the first person to land double fifth? :roll_eyes:

Adrien did one at UNICON 14 and Forrest had one in his summer video.
Krisz and Thibault also have done fith outdoubles.

Fifth doubleflip

Yeah a few people has landed it now. But im very sure that i was the second to do it flat. Which i feel is how to count who really is first. For me Adrien will always be first at doing 900 unispin, even though Loic might have landed it down something first.

luc henaff (stereim) landed on flat some months ago now…