Daniel Adelander lets call it uni-que

Hey new vid here.With flatland some new tricks!. Write som comments… Enjoy!! http://www.unicycle.tv/video/626-DanielAdelanderuni-que

Your flatland style is truely unique, as stated in the title of this thread.

It is loads of fun to watch a flat rider who has become good enough to develop their own style of riding. I have not seen most of those combos done by any other flat rider.

I love this video. It is poetry in motion. :slight_smile:

Your flatland is mindblowing, seriuosly!

Thanks for the comments but there is one thing ive thought about and never understood.

What is my own style???:wink: :wink: :wink:

Haha, it is hard to explain… The way you do your combos, and the combination of tricks that you choose to do… Its different than the combos anyone else has previously done, or attempted.

You might do a rolling wrap into a backwards rolling wrap, while someone else would do a rolling wrap into a varial roll.

That is what makes your style. :slight_smile:

That was really cool back varial roll! :astonished: i have never seen anybody do them!

I came up with them in febuary. I call them reversed varial roll.

I came up with them in febuary. I call them reversed varial roll.

hey mate,
Your riding is as hot as your unicycle! Love the new moves your putting out there. Keep it up,

You are almost the best flater i have ever seen :astonished: keep it up!!