Daniel Adelander And Marcus Hahn euc video

This was our vid in the competition, but the sound didnt work then so well we didnt get such a good placement ;)… Editing sucks but riding is good, we edited in 10minutes or so before our plane left.

Flat was good but nothing spectacular.

Yeah, but we have seen plenty of those.

I liked that varialroll to outsidebackroll (or what ever it was).

I dono i think that before a unicyclist can do a trick that trick is impressive.

900 are pretty impressive to me

will you put it on vimeo or youtube?

Uhm… not impressive flatland?
I find all of it quite woha, to be onest, not only the 900 unispins.

Marcus had to win the junior category at EUC, IMO


lol??? this vid is awsome… treytriple on flat “im I right?”, sejflip, 900, etc.

haha hmm not really :stuck_out_tongue: there were no treytripleflip no sejflip but a treysidedouble and a rolling 720 and a 900 :stuck_out_tongue: but the next one will have all of them :wink:

youtube please

im pretty bad for telling tricks hahahaha xD XD still amazing

Stole the words right out of my mouth. Unless you can 900, don’t say their unimpressive.

I never said it was.
People these days… Can’t even read.