Daniel Adelander 900 too :P

By seeing Markus Hahns 900 i remembered that you wanted me to post my 900, so here it is http://vimeo.com/4786959
Its about 4weeks old so Ive landed it a LOT more and A LOT cleener.
Me and my friends vid is coming soon. Were just having a problem to get it.
Josef skicka!!!
The wierd thing is that a year ago no one could do a 900 and (for me) its not even hard anymore :smiley:

Wow man, very nice!!

Really nice 900 :smiley: You say 900 isn’t that hard for you but still you can’t do 540s, at least that’s what you told me at SM :stuck_out_tongue: När kommer 1080 då?

He´ll soon get 1080 he saw a clip when i whas pritty close :slight_smile: Soon very soon!

awesome could you do it rolling with one prehop?

Daniel, you’re a beast! It looked almost too easy.

great 900. i think it s not that skechty isn t it?
was it raining outside or why were u riding at such a crowded place?

Impressive! I can’t even fathom how you can spin your uni so fast! I also notice that you and Marcus start with your unis backward. Is that just so it will be forward after the 900, or is it easier to spin it that fast gripping the saddle in the reverse position?

Did I see someone rolling a suitcase in the background?..

It was raining so thats why we were there, and it was colder when we were outside in the rain.
We keep the unis backwards coz it allows the uni to spin easier.
Yeah im kinda close to 1080 flat, i get the spin and sometimes land one footed, never caught the seat though.

Jeez all these 900s are amazing!!! Congrats Daniel that was sick!!!

One question though, why is felix all like “VA!?” :stuck_out_tongue: Didn’t he see you land it?

AWESOME!:smiley: Very clean, too.

1080 attempting :astonished:


goddamn thats freekin insane.

wow thats crazy

Well the 1080 is not impossible to spin, but the landing is insanely hard.

if you pause it as he does the jump, you can see how high he jumps!!! its huge

Developement on 1080: Im starting to catch the seat, the uni spins 990 at every try, maybe at every 5 i get it to a full 1080. Putting down the feet is hard, the uni spins so fast that i have only a very small amount of time to go from my widest point to the pedals, or else i stop the uni in the air. Maybe ill get it in a couple of weeks. But i think i need to go to the gym a couple of times first :stuck_out_tongue:


You’re a beast. You’re as close to 1080’s as I am to 900’s :roll_eyes: