Dang! Splined Here I Come

Well, relax everybody, I didn’t break my Suzue in a awesome crash or anything,

I ruined the threads on it :frowning:

Why do I always think I need to fix things that seem to be working fine anyways?

Now to just wait sadly with a 170mm KH set until the 160’s get made (if they do)

Don’t worry Harper, I’m in the middle of locating a loaner-wheel for Saturday’s ride!

I’d like some 160’s too. Does someone make these? I think they would be a good size for me. 170 mm seem to be really long.

Yes, Profile does. :slight_smile:

OUCH!!:frowning: My poor little studenty wallet. I’ll just have to get the Qu-Ax wheelset with 170mm cranks.:frowning:

edit. And those Profiles wouldn’t probably even hold up too well;), right John?

whos got the thread link where Sofa berates me for telling him to pound the cranks on first,then tighten the bolt or sooner or later the threads will peel off?

Coincendtally, since I got a rubber mallet, that’s what I have been doing, thinking to myself as I do it…

‘Boy, this doesn’t make a damn difference, but I better do it anyways as all the people who I don’t even really know will laugh at me if I don’t, and then wreck them’

Pounding them on accomplishes nothing…as seen by my ruined stuff.

Maybe if I lowered a car onto them with a hydraulic jack, as I recall from that same post, that may have worked

There’s an onza hub with 165mm cranks at unicycle.uk.com. It is very shiny indeed, and a good deal cheaper than profiles…



I sure wish the KH came in Yellow.

Anyone know Qu-ax’s website?

edit: http://www.qu-ax.de/index_800E.html


Bessey the bar clamp will give you a good squeeze. It works very well for pressing cranks on the axle and for pressing bearings on. Bessey is the brand name of the clamp.


Re: Dang! Splined Here I Come


What I really need is for you to bring spare pedals if you have any. I was riding in Lively yesterday and when I got done my right pedal was sticking something fierce. The bearings are going out in that pedal and I don’t want them to fail during the Saturday ride.

If the hub is just going to go to waste, you could do what I did when my Chrome Torker hub got stripped. I got the welding instructor at my school to weld the crank on. Mine was a really cheap set (Chrome Torker) so I didn’t mind not being able to remove the cranks. Now I have another loaner uni.


Torque wrench Torque wrench Torque wrench Torque wrench Torque wrench :frowning:


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A rubber mallet won’t get you anywhere. I had been walking home from 3 rides muttering about hydraulic equipment and once I almost broke the friendly gas station atendants wrench before I finally got fed up and got out the hammer. The crank has some marks on it now, but it hasn’t been loose since.

Re: Dang! Splined Here I Come

On Wed, 12 Nov 2003 16:10:39 -0600, Sofa
<Sofa@NoEmail.Message.Poster.at.Unicyclist.com> wrote:

>I ruined the threads on it :frowning:

But how?

A. Because your rubber mallet did not get the cranks far enough on, so
that the nut gripped too few threads initially? (As per Jagur’s

B. Or because you overtightened the nuts? (As per U-Turn’s comment.)

Also, did you ruin [i]both[i/] threads?

Oh and you may change your sig line once more, it’s accepted. (Edit: I
just saw you did that.) The funny thing is that (on the forum) posts
don’t show the sig line given at the time of posting but the most
recent one.

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The threads on my hub were already partially ruined from a Monty mishap a while back.

I ‘technically’ didn’t overtighten it, but I guess with fewer threads, it just happend to give this time.

I guess Municycle.com is the best place to get Qu-Ax stuff. They ship internationally.

I know that. But it is still more expensive compared to Qu-Ax. Onza was my favorite until I found Qu-Ax. You’ll get a whole wheelset for the prize Onza hub and cranks. And I’ve heard no complaints about Qu-Ax. And I know that you have an Onza hub;).

FWIW, I have some Monty 158s (from Bedford) that work well. There were some problems with the shorter trials Montys but the long ones are OK.


Let Sofa’s public stoning begin. I chose crank length over hub colour.