Dang! Just installed BMX caliper on 36er but....

It’s not quite long enough to reach the sides of the rim! I thought (and was told) that the BMX caliper style would be large enough to work on the 36er airfoil, but even when I adjust the pads at their lowest point, they still hit the tire instead of the rim, by about 2 mm. I wondering if I can just get lower profile brake pads because these are pretty thick. :thinking:


I guess by caliper you mean V-brakes? Anway, Need pics to diagnose.

No, not v-brake. I got the caliper, which many coker-ers use. It’s a pretty easy set up except the pads don’t go quite low enough. There should be a way to make it fit.

One strategy for mounting a caliper brake is to weld a 1" long piece of 6mm ID tubing onto the bottom of the seat tube. The Nimbus 36 frame presents enough room between the bottom of the seat tube and the tire. Just drilling a mounting hole at the bottom of the seat tube locates the caliper higher than it needs to be, thus requiring a very long reach caliper.

Or you can hunt around for a very long reach caliper.

I just dug out the Caliper I used to use on my old Coker, the pads are about halfway up the slots, no where near the ends.

A quick search on the web turned up these, they may be suitable, their reach is stated so you can measure up before you buy.


Take an orbital sander to your pads. For serious.

Haha I was looking at thos exact brakes! But here’s the good news: I FIXED THE BRAKES!:D:D:D I simply lengthened the slots where the pads fit so they drop low enought to hot the rim. Problem solved and they work GREAT!:stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, the brain of a 50+ :smiley:

Yeah, and they make great paper weights too…oh, and they’re good with Fava beans and a nice kiante! :slight_smile:

I think you meant to type “Chianti”, Terry dear. Be a lamb and keep silent if you can’t spell your wines correctly.


I think the drop (distance from the bolt to the pad bolts) of what people advertise as “BMX” brakes varies somewhat. I had one lying around at home that looked like it would fit, but it was like yours, slightly too small. I actually ran it like that for a few months (cut the blocks to half width so they didn’t touch the tyre) and it worked OK, but I wanted to use leather brake blocks (it’s a steel rim) so I had to get another brake. I just bought a pair of BMX brakes from ebay really cheap and they’re quite a bit longer - like Paul mentioned, the pads are somewhere near the middle of the slot now.
Sounds like you’ve been unlucky and found a small pair like the one I had before.
The ones I’m using now are these, but I don’t know how much that will help you because they’re cheap no-namers.


Thanks for the info. Yeah I actually filed the slots for the brake pads so they’d drop low enough to contact the rim, and now it seems fine. I’m going to also get better, pivoting brake pads so I have more adjustment for the best contact. thanks again!

Here’s my brake setup. The entire system, (New) including cable & housing, lever, caliper and all hardware was a mere $20, including shipping…can’t beat that! Works well! :sunglasses:

I am very sad to have seen that movie.

Why? I wouldn’t call it a “movie”. All I wanted to do was show the brake setup…it’s obvioualy not a “uni geezer” video haha! (And there won’t be any more of those, I think)