Dang Bent Cranks

Well, I went off a pretty big drop with no rolling out, crashed right on the side of the crank, and bent it. God dangit, I spent 56 bucks for a pair of 17 dollar cranks on unicycle.com for next-day shipping so I could get em here by the uni convention on Saturday. By the way, now that the order was finalized, will these cranks…http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=793 fit this unicycle…http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=743 ?

Yes they will fit. The new ones will also be lighter than your old ones. What length did you get? I have the 114’s on my freestyle unicycle and I like them a lot.

I got the 114. You are my hero, I thought I had spent 56 bucks for nothing!!! Now, do you think they’ll get it here by friday or saturday?

Probally wendsday, tursday or friday, maby monday (UPS dosent come on weekends) Since it was next day, it should be wendsday.

I’ll bring some extra cranks to the uni meet just in case. :slight_smile:
So don’t worry. If you don’t get the cranks in time just bring the unicycle as it is and we’ll find you some cranks you can borrow for the day. Just send me a reminder of Friday so I don’t forget.

They should get there in time no problem. When I snapped my hub about a month ago, I ordered it on Monday and got in on Thursday, and it was the second fastest shipping I could get, not next-day. Be glad cranks are something you can change yourself, unlike hubs!

what unicycle were you using?

the nimbus x

Thanks a bunch, John! I’ll tell you on friday if they come or not. That would suck it they didn’t cuz that’d be 40 bucks that I didn’t need to spend, but who cares, that just means I get to ride sooner!!! :smiley: One more thing, when I ride the pedal wobbles back and forth a little bit. Does this mean it’s the cranks or the pedal? (please say cranks…) Finally, how do you change cranks? Do you need a special tool?

I’m past my edit limit, but when I said the pedal wobbles back and forth, I meant side to side and a little bit up and down on one side of the pedal. I think it’s the cranks cuz that’s what it was like when I bent the cranks on my torker CX. Finally, are the alloys stronger than the others?

Re: Dang Bent Cranks

just wondering how big?

Grab the crank (not the pedal) and then push and pull on the crank. If you feel movement then the crank is loose.

You can tighten the crank using a 14mm socket wrench. The crank nuts should be tightened to about 35 or 40 foot-pounds of torque. That’s pretty tight. It’s the equivalent of hanging a 40 pound weight at the end of a 1 foot long socket wrench (or an 80 pound weight at the end of a 6 inch long socket wrench). Have your dad tighten the crank nuts and try to estimate about 40 pounds of force at the end of the socket wrench. Even better would be to get a torque wrench so you’ll know for sure how tight it is. Give your dad an excuse to buy some new tools (dad’s like tools).

To remove the cranks you’ll need a crank puller like this one: Park crank puller. If you don’t have the tool you’ll need to go to a bike shop to buy one, or you can just have them take the old cranks off and install the news ones. It would probably be about $5 labor to do the crank change.

With your new aluminum cranks it is much more important to pay attention to the cranks being tight enough. If aluminum cranks get loose they will damage the taper sooner (because aluminum is softer than steel). Just riding around for just a short bit with a loose crank can ruin the crank.

i have ruined a pair of nimbus cranks due to not keeping a close enough eye on them. i tightened them whenever i could feel them getting loose. tighten them before you ride. ever time. for the next, oh 20 rides. then they should be good for a long time. but with alloy cranks keep a close eye on them.

I think I’ll get a crank puller and tightener from the bike shop.

Re: Dang Bent Cranks

Tyler, John,

What uni-convention?


It’s a unicycle meet in North Bend, Washinton this Saturday. Here’s a post with all the info: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=38682&highlight=North+Bend

Ok, I just went and pulled back and forth really hard on the crank and nothing moved. Does that reassure us that it’s bent? Would a pic help? If so, here you go! (that was a sort of retorical question, wasn’t it?!?) This is the supposedly bent crank:


and the not bent crank:


Both together…the bent one is on the right and the ok one is on the left.

It is quite possible that the pedal is actually bent and that the crank is fine. Those pedals have weak spindles that are easy to bend. Or the pedal bearings could have gotten munched which would cause the pedal to wobble on the pedal spindle.

One way to check is to remove the pedal and then spin the spindle (the pedal axle) with your fingers and see if you can see any odd movement that would indicate the spindle is bent.

Another way to check is to install a known good pair of pedals (pedals that you know are not bent) and then ride around. If everything feels straight then the problem was the pedal rather than the cranks.

If I was a betting person I’d put my money on a damaged pedal rather than a bent crank.