Dandy 1.0

Dan Cowling and me at Sydney Olympic park on Sunday.

pretty short. just fun. more too come. :slight_smile:

edited by dan.

very nice!! :smiley:
insane handrail

cool vid :wink:
i really liked the grind to backflip :smiley:

Nice vid! :smiley:

I just get a black screen and no matter where I click on the bottom bar the time passed still says 00:00 :thinking:


we need to get more footage for a uninats video

I think that was one of my favourites as well.


Impressive grinds. The 3spin in the beginning looked really slow to me for some reason. It’s not bad, it just seemed to stand out. Maybe it’s just me…

Old school.

its called street. :sunglasses:

same :thinking:

i like it!