Dana Point Fun ride 5.20.07 (Video)

Another fun ride at Dana Point Harbor! We had about 16 riders, including new member Kevin (on his coker) and my local riding buddy Eric. The ride was hosted by Adam Brody who did another super job organizing the ride, and thanks Adam for the Pizza! :slight_smile:

Next time you gotta bring the group down this way (Redondo Beach) for Muni at Portuguese bend, then a beach ride and Pizza…on me this time!:stuck_out_tongue:

That just makes me want to live by you guys! If I did you’d also have another piano tuning customer. :slight_smile: Great Vid!

Cool! Somebody who blogs for eDanaPoint.com posted our video to their website! Love it:)

(Stay tuned for a new Uni-Geezer vid coming up soon!)

Dang! I had no idea you guys would be riding right there! Oh well, no unicycle on that trip (a few weekends back). Looks like great fun.

You should have attempted the steps to the Marriott across the street, something like 112 of them! There’s also a ramp for people who want to do it “the easy way.”