Dan Heaton's Ride?

What are the specs on Dan’s unicycle? I know that he has a custom made titanium frame, but what rim, tire, saddle, hub, cranks, pedals? I did a search on the forum but couldn’t find any details. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

  • Sal

i dont remember the wheel but i do remember that it used Miyata lolly pop bearing holders.

nick usta have a ton of info on it!

he’s got profiles, a monty rim/tire, titanium frame, with lollipop bearing holders (couldn’t attach them any other way because there are no titanium main caps) and a miyata seat, which is quite loose. well, that was what it was like to the best of my knowledge at unicon, hope that helps.


His trials uni: Old green miyata seat, original post and base, air converted, but with original cover. Ti frame, miyata bearing holders. Welgo pedals. Profile crankset, monty rim/tire. It’s super light and really sweet for trials. The one thing that’s not totally top of the line are the bearing holders. He used the miyata bearing holders because they could be bolted to the Ti frame, because it costs too much to machine Ti. I rode Dan’s trials uni and actually kind of broke it launching a 9-stair… The bearing popped out of the holder on one side. I believe it’s fixed now.

His muni: Ti frame (same style as trials) dbl wide rim, profiles, gazz 24x3. White plastic pedals (might be different now) green miyata air, with original base and post, with 2 shims.