Dan Heaton vids...

Does anybody have any, or knows where I can get any Dan Heaton videos to download off the net??

Anything appreciated. Thanks

Trailers at: http://www.sykoproductions.com

Thanks for that Gilby but i’ve tried before to download the U2 trailer and it doesn’t seem to work on my computer :angry:

Anyone else any ideas?

buy universe 2. and if the trailer isn’t working, get quicktime


I’d love to buy Universe 2 but don’t have the money, and i do have quicktime but when i try to watch it plays so poorly i can’t even see whats going on, it jolts like crazy, stops plays one second, stops and so on…

so my question remains - anyone know where i can get some Dan Heaton vids?

There’s one of Dan grinding an 8 stair on unicyclejester.com, I think.

You need to let the entire thing load before you watch it. Or maybe your computer is too slow to run video.

The shorter backward stair ride from U2 is kicking around in the gallery somewhere…

Come to the NZUNI weekend in October- we’ll have a video night and you can watch Dan Heaton to your hearts content :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I am planning to come! Hopefully I can get there, it sounds awesome.