Dan Heaton- riding pics and vids request

i think me i just don’t care about it… the most important thing is to have fun…
a lot of people don’t like what shaun does and what?? just keep going your own way!!
like luke said it’s not that simple and who cares what’s old-school or new school?? are you going to stop learning an new-school tricks just because it’s new-school street??

sorry if my post is not well understandable, my english is bad

– bobousse

he said no.

big street is the shiznit.
so fun and hard to come by these days.

old school = big street
new school = tech street

right? that’s how I understand it anyway…


I highly disagree on this, there are many tricks that are tech going down big sets :roll_eyes:


I disagree, there are many new school tricks going big these days :slight_smile:


i think there is no old and new school
thats my opinion, i thikn it will form that way in the next 20 years or so, but we are at a huge changing point in the sport right now. the tricks are getting really techy, and sloppier, i want to see a super smooth line w/ a fiftflip, donkey 360flip, and a triple flip.
that would be sick street.