Dan Heaton- riding pics and vids request

maybe, i dont really care.

this topic is getting SOOO off-topic because so many of you are whining about new school street being better. I don’t care.

I just want to watch vids and maybe see some awesome stills of Dan Heaton and Kevin M.

argue about this new school vs old school elsewhere, shaun, kelly, and luke.

sorry if this sounds rude

I missed the part where I was arguing, unless you count that street has no rules comment. I’m the only person in this thread that linked you to some of dans riding.

I really wanted to know what label people would give a 720 hoptwist.

So yeah, it sounds rude.

hey i acknowledge that you’ve actually contributed to this thread, and thanks for that :slight_smile:

but sorry, i was getting a bit tired of people and shaun whining their ass off about something again. So I apologise if i offended you Luke.

As for the 720 hoptwist, i guess that is quite newschool, but is it fair to say that it is an oldschool technique taken to new limits by newschool?

Cheers Pete M.

Anyone who says that Dan Heaton is less than god is blasphemous, and besides that, no matter what you say Shaun, you often can’t help youself from sounding big headed.
We’re all friendly peaceful people (mostly, ouch) but seriously, the last time I read one of your posts (Shaun) you were apologizing for what may sometimes seem like a bad attitude on these forums. New street has its ups, but its not everybody’s cup of tea.

Anyone who says that Dan Heaton is less than god is blasphemous.

I dont care if something is new school or old school. I enjoy videos with lots of variete the most, like the videos from Luke or the best of shaun video (which is still my favourite street video, but Lukes are geting close). For me Dan Heaton will always be the king, no matter if other people are way better than him, because he started street unicycling.

I prefer home school.

You make me laugh whenever you post, man!

Oh, here’s a Dan vid. It’s mostly stuff from Defect and U2 but it’s still crunk.

Dan’s flowy riding is an inspiration to my trials. I wish I had that Heaton-flow.

I like his ability to take objects you normally wouldn’t associate with street riding, and use them for tricks. With his flow, the lines come out as natural. Anyone else, and they’d probably look awkward and choppy.

Dan, keep riding, keep filming.

New school, Old school, who cares. The sport’s too young to bicker. Ride how you like, and just plain fucking ride.

that’s what I was trying to say, but hell I suck at trying to get a point across, ride how you like, and just do it for the fun. I think Dan is an inspiration to all of us with his flow, it’s amazing what he can do…


You hit the nail on the head TrialsUni

this is what i love about dan’s style, it is so flowy, something that NO ONE can replicate nearly as well, and is inspiring too.

shaun i hope you read TrialsUni’s post, you shouldnt care so much about how much better you think ur style is than kevin or dans and just freakin ride!

thank’s guys. but i don’t intend to thread jack.

I too, would like to see some new Heaton footage. I don’t even care if Dan hasn’t progressed since Defect. I simply would like to see some new footage.

Count me in the “I like Dan’s style is ‘better’ camp”.

As a viewer, it is nice to actually be able to SEE the tricks.
WIth Dan’s style, the tricks are easy to see and appreciate.

The same thing applys to juggling. Some of the technically
best in the world are boring to watch. They spend all of their
time on technique and very little on presentation.

The “flip variation” style would be good IF (like wrist traps in
juggling) it was lightly sprinkled in a routine . . .

Unfortunately, street is in a phase where there’s less “trials”
less flow, more speed and less presentation. This too shall

More Koshe(24), Dan, McMullen, and Clark for me please.

Geesh! I have to see that to believe it! Video please!:smiley:

Lol, no. I’m not close. I’m just sick of everyone calling stuff old-school or new-school, I don’t think it’s that simple.

no, it really isn’t the sport hasn’t been developing long enough to call something “old school” or “new school” just different… that’s the reason I always use the quotation marks.

It’s like a joke…if it’s funny that’s all that matters. If something’s good, it’s good no matter how old or new. Quality lasts; the Beatles music will live forever, but the spice girls? Haha! I think the main thing that stands out and makes something lasting is indvidual style, character, and ORIGINALITY! People shouldn’t just copy–be an innovator. Stand out from the pack. :smiley:

If it’s done by Dan Heaton it’s old school and if its done by Shaun Johanneson it’s newschool :roll_eyes: I don’t know really.
Anyway, here’s one clip of Heaton doing double seatwrap.

old school = big street
new school = tech street

right? that’s how I understand it anyway… and Luke: did you land a 720 hoptwist?