Dan Heaton- riding pics and vids request

hey dudes ive seen several vids of dan and ive always liked his special style of street. i wondered if there are any hidden vids or pics out there?

ive seen these already:

syko random crap vol.1
master of champions (with zack baldwin)
trailers for his dvds
the 630 unispin clip

anymore vids of him out there?

lol thats about all you’re going to find.

On the Sykoproductions homepage you can find some clips of him.

Theres a couple more things but I don’t know how to find them :smiley: Sorry just keep on looking.

nah man im just amazed by his unique style of street. im sick of all this shitty crankflip stuff its all the same.

i want different stuff like more kevin m and dan h

Um no its not…learn the tricks and then you can say if they are the same or not.


dude i know that offended u, but yes i have learnt a lot of the new school stuff, backflips, crankflips, double backs, and hicks.

it is so repetitive though… i mean so many people do it that dan and kevins styles are a dying breed. It is something different and i like to watch things that are uncommon. variety makes things exciting i hope u know where im coming from.

ive watched too many new school street vids lately, and its so similar. i want to see another side of street!

I hate to offend Dan H or Kevin M here, so let’s try to take this as legit as possible. Please tell me what they do that “defines” their styles beyond crankflip stuff. Because last time I checked all those tricks done back then are way too easy to show off now in videos. Sorry. Get with the times a bit mate, street back then is easy, (kevin’s one footer an exception, however one single trick should not be enough to sway your entire mind manicp), and has advanced and changed so much. The street riders now push the sport in their vids, they don’t get caught up in the past with tricks that now have flips in them. Street, even a year ago, is pretty easy in comparision to nowadays.

-Shaun Johanneson

I think its more about one’s style than one’s ability to land really difficult tricks.

I’d be far more impressed by someone who could complete a simple combo (180 unispin to some flatlanding stuff) with elegance than by someone who could land a 720 unispin and hop out of it.

Well the rule for street now is no hops/full twists, you need both of those for it to look good.


Street has no rules. :roll_eyes:


I think thats a great example of Dans riding, it’s my favorite unicycling clip ever.

Actually, Luke. I think your Untitled video is one of the best street videos.

Rather than getting all complicated, its just uncut, flowing, and entertaining street riding.

Thanks a lot, but I have to disagree.

The density of tricks was very low. I might make a similar vid, with better tricks and with the filmer on a skateboard.

Well yea, but I was mainly suggesting that the concept of the video is what makes it great. Of course with more tricks, and MUCH better filming it could be better. :slight_smile:

And the 2d3 steady move plugin! :stuck_out_tongue:

I rather watch Dans riding, or Lukes more then the videos that are concentrated on just fliptricks. I also rather watch flatland stuff too.

Those styles of riding just appeal to me more than Shauns, and others out there.

Dont give me that crap about “learn the trick first, then decide” either. I have learned the trick, its fun to do, but id rather not watch it.

I know that Shaun and “the new school breed” are doing more difficult tricks, but I like “the old school” stuff better it may be easier and such but it just seems to flow and I don’t care if it’s “too easy to show off now in videos” it just looks cooler, my non-rider friends are much more impressed watching an “old school street” video where they can actually tell easily what the rider does than a “new school street” video with people riding around and having the wheel/riders feet blur every few seconds when they do a flip trick and then have to ask me what the person just did, or try to read the little trick title that pops up.

Thats pretty much what I think too. I like flips when they are used well but if the focus of most of the clips in a movie is a flip trick then it usually gets repetitive and less interesting unless it is filmed really well.

I enjoy watching new school as well as old school and I don’t think that one is better then the other or anything such as that. They’re different styles. For my own riding, I prefer to do old school because even though it’s so simple, you can do some very complex stuff with it. As with new school.

But personally I’d rather watch some cat no-footer-tiregrab-360 a five set then watch any flip variation over the same set anyday.

But I wouldn’t have anything against the flip…

shaun, i don’t think you get my point…

haha, i simply want to see more of dan heaton and kevin’s riding… I don’t give a shit if it looks less impressive than your own stuff in your own opinion. Sorry.

the point of me wanting to watch old styles of street is because IT IS DIFFERENT. I am tired of watching so many street vids with flip tricks dominating. even though dan or kevins riding may be considered less impressive by you shaun, i still think it is awesome however old it is. I want to watch something different regardless of how ‘impressive’ it is.

you may be the pioneer of new school street Shaun, but I still am seriously interested in the old school stuff. I find a lot of new school street riders’ vids to be repetitive, yes there are different lines and a few different flip varations in each vid, but they are all essentially based from the same root. I’m tired of it for now.

people need to respect that old school street is more impressive to some people than the overly common new-school stuff.

Just a question, would a 720 hoptwist be considerd “old school”?