Dan Heaton photoshoot

Hi guys does anyone know where the pics are for his photoshoot he did for a small commercial?


a piece of it is there, it is of him sitting in a red leather chair with his KH uni. i remember the pics looked pretty slick. didn’t shaun do a similar one too?

anyways if anyone can post them up here that be so rad!



That’s Dan’s TV-watching chair. Uh, and DVD-watching as well. It’s in his basement. :wink:

There’s a good chance those images are either the property of the person who took them, or the company that paid for them. They may not want to give them away for free. Of course you could always ask Dan…

this pic is used for switch 4 : http://monocycle.info/forums/viewtopic.php?t=7331&highlight=

They’re by Cameron Ulmer, an old friend of Dan’s and they were taken early last year.
It’s a really cool photo shoot!

Nice job, Cameron! (He’s also a unicyclist, you know) I like how they added the text for the Switch Magazine cover.

Yes, they are taken by Cameron Ulmer at a really high end photo studio he works at called Pier 59 Studios in Santa Monica. I was there helping setup for the shoot and it was awesome. Pictures were taken of both Dan Heaton and Shaun Johanneson. There are a bunch of really sweet ones but I’m not allowed to post them here as I believe they might be used in some magazine in the near future… I think Shaun might have some of his posted on facebook or myspace.

They were orginally shot for Ecko Unlimited clothes as that is who Dan is/was sponsored by but I don’t think they ended up using any…