Dan Heaton on MTV's "Ridiculousness"

Saw Dan Heaton on MTV with Rob Dyrdek! Not sure if it’s already a thread (Yes, I searched), but I got excited and needed to share. Anyone else see it? I was originally watching the show and saw Rob mention extreme unicycling. I got excited and hung around after the commercial break to see Dan on the show with Rob. Pretty much made my week.

googled it… episode 13!




Grrr, MTV is blocking me, because I’m not from the US and I don’t have a Facebook account.

It’s pretty sick that Dan was on there and that there was a segment about unicycling, but I really have to take the time to say that I find Rob Dyrdek to be one of the most ridiculously unfunny people who’s ever tried to be funny.

I’d have to agree. It doesn’t take talent to over-react to something slightly funny and repeat the same phrase over and over again whlie laughing. “Slammed his face son!! Slammed his face!! Back that clip up… Slammed his face!!”

:stuck_out_tongue: Awesome nonetheless!

Hahaha, that’s totally what I was thinking throughout the entire episode. Honestly, though, I did laugh at that girl’s laugh. I have no idea who she is, but that is an awful laugh :stuck_out_tongue:

that made my week too! but I couldn’t tell if it was good or bad press it seemed like he was making fun of it. that might have just been me.

where in the episode is it?

FOund it, 12 mins in…

Yeeeeaaahhhh good publicity I guess, but that guy was SO ANNOYING. Honestly that might’ve been better without commentary.

Wait, wasn’t Colby’s 360 side bail going to be on there?

I liked the plethora of awesome bails on there, and was happy to see the infamous “Face Meets Rock” clip. A personal favourite, eh?

That girls laugh needs to be censored out :slight_smile:

wow I happened to watch the first 10 minutes of this show whilst channel surfing but wasn’t that entertained so I watched something else… I can’t believe I missed the second half!

I think colby said it was going to be on it

At least they had videos of Dan riding and not all fails.

The FB link neither works… Someone please download it and upload it to youtube!
If you uses Firefox there’s a great plugin for that called DownloadHelper ! Go get it, so us people from the rest of the world can watch it too :slight_smile:

+1 Please :D:D:D

I filmed it so it isn’t very good quality :slight_smile:

I really dont like Rob Dyrdek he is a super tool and doesnt know when to shut up.

I hate the girl her laugh! :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, me too. …and that’s all she does, ALL the time.