Dan Heaton injured

Long as you’re reviving this old thread, those of you who went to the NAUCC Public Show also saw the unicycle Dan was riding when he hurt his feet. That was the 14-footer Sem rode. Though there was some discussion whether it was that one or the one Sem used to use. Sem thought it was the older one, but the guy who owns the older one thinks it’s the newer one.

Like they’re worried about being sued or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

I heard a couple of locals describing the show a day or two later; the guy described the unicycle as being 40 feet tall!

I’m 100% sure it was the older one; I heared the news when the newer one was just about almost ready.

Speaking of Sem and tall unis, has his ‘latest’ world record ride been rattified by Guinness yet?

Bad day. Get well soon Dan.

hahahhaa roflmao n00b

Hey don’t be mean. Us unicyclist are above that.

But he does need to invest in a calender.

14 foot awesome, so was it on tape?
Sorry to hear that he is injured, hope he isnt out as long as shaun was :roll_eyes: jk.
hope you recover quickly.

omfg…do you not read what people post before you?

Wow. All that can be said.

(To the ignorance of this thread that is)

It’s very possible to fall from further than 14 feet up without breaking anything. As Bevan noted, Kris did a lot of drops on the Labotomizer, but the drops were to a soft, slanted surface and he’s good at rolling out. Or, take a look at this skateboarding fall from at least 40 feet in the air. Good parkour guys do 15’ drops fairly routinely. It’s all a question of the landing surface and how you absorb the impact.

I do think that falling 14’ onto flat cement is not a great way to avoid injury.

When riding very-tall giraffe unicycles, you want to be on a smooth, hard surface. Very unfriendly to falls!

A 14’ unicycle does not give you a 14’ drop. If it makes you feel any better, your feet are only about 12’ off the ground. Even lower if you ride with your seat as high as Sem…

Still, a fall from a tall giraffe is generally going to put you in a perpindicular fall to flat, hard pavement. Keep that in mind before you ride away from whatever support you started at!

Sorry to hear about the injury. Get well soon Dan.


is dan going to be healed in time to finish up filming defect? :roll_eyes:

/blast from the past

we was injured in 04. he is already healed. the real question is, is he still riding?

I think he’s riding, Wasnt that the same injury they showed on the… Whats that show called!!! uhhh… The contest… on Tv… AHHHHHHHHHHH I CANT THINK OF THE NAME!!

master of champions.

they talked way too much on that show, without it, they entire program would be about 5-10 minutes

I think you described most of the shows on TV currently…

Like Deal or No Deal. How long does it take to pick out twenty-something cases? An hour? Sheesh.

I’d say yes. Last activity 8/1/07. At .09 per day, he doesn’t post much

A recent short vid he posted

so he was on the forums a week ago. big difference between that and riding