Dan Heaton commercial for Columbia

Yes! Anybody see it yet? This should up the exposure of our sport a lot. Pretty sweet.

Is it airing now? Thats awesome.

Haha, there’s already so many threads about this.
It’s a sick commercial though.

can sombody post a link so i can see it please!!

Damn, sorry, I searched, but was a little excited. Anyways he is awesome enough to have more than one.

saw it last night. It totally took me by surprise, I was in awe about the uni rider and didn’t realize what the commercial was about. I had to ask my wife what the commercial was about.

I saw it on TV yesterday. I forget what channel.

I saw it on the discovery chanel a couple weeks ago. It was pretty tight. You got to love Columbia commercials.

i havent seen it on tv yet but i saw it on my computer and it was supper B.A.
but i thought that kriss holm was the pioneer for Muni

He was. When he said off road unicycling, I’m sure he meant street and trials as well.

Its 10 times cooler when you see it on your TV. It really is. I saw it on my computer, and watching TV at random, it just came at me, and I was so in shock. It was like Christmas, only I got something good.

it is pretty sweet, but it said he invented mountain unicycling… which isn’t really true.

i just read the above posts, and if you wanna get technical, george peck was unicycling up rocky hills when kris holm was but a wee lad.


the commercial was really cool… Dan Heaton is simply amazing! its also good to see the sport getting some more publicity

The commercial would have been dumb if he just started spouting off random crap about george peck and other old people, it makes it all the more interesting for him to say he pioneered the sport, which he definitely did, he just wasn’t the very first person to do it. Frankly I doubt George Peck was the first person to ride a unicycle off road as well, he was just the first one to advertise it. Dan took it the point where it could become mainstream with his movies.

Dan Heaton has never done a 360 unispin on flat. He learned them down a 6 set.

That’s right. But what Dan pioneered was Street unicycling. If you ask me, Dan invented Street. But that’s too hard to explain, so it looks like they’re saying he invented or pioneered MUni. But they don’t actually say that either. And he really is one of the pioneers of “extreme unicycling,” with Universe 1 as the primary example/evidence.

History time:
George wasn’t the first to advertise it either. The first person to ride a unicycle offroad probably did it about 130 years ago. Back then, there weren’t even that many paved roads, though dirt roads wouldn’t count in my book. Surely some early unicyclists rode them on trails, across fields, etc.

I think George Peck was the first person to make a full-length video about mountain unicycling, and it was very inspiring. Plus he made many other contributions as the guy to look toward for a world getting interested in dirt riding. The earliest “advertisement” of offroad unicycling I know of is a 1981 article in the Unicycling Society of America Newsletter, titled U.M.X.

Are you supposed to be some kind of Dan Heaton expert? Before anyone thought of doing scary tricks down stair sets, I’m pretty sure Dan was filming himself doing 360s and harder tricks, some of which are shown in Universe 1. I’m guessing you haven’t seen it?

Unless you meant something other than a 360 Unispin. If you meant rotating 360 degrees with the unicycle, I was there for that one. It was on a downhill section with a little root bump/jump in it on a trail near the infamous Mailboxes trail in Santa Cruz. This was probably in 1999 or 2000, I think the same day that some of the Universe 1 Santa Cruz footage was filmed. Yup, there was a lot of history in that video as well!

I was fortunate enough to see the commercial last week on TV. Can you say “TiVo”? I’m so psyched that I didn’t miss it. I think it was on during the Daily Show.

Dan Heaton does not do uni-spins, Dan Heaton just jumps up and the earth spins beneath him.

If you have five dollars and Dan Heaton has five dollars, Dan Heaton has more money than you.

Underneath Dan’s unicycle is a bigger better unicycle.

Dan Heaton counted to infinity - twice.

Yup, you got the idea.

If you could capture the power behind one of Dan Heaton’s rolling hops, it could generate enough electricity to light the entire state of Texas for half an hour.

John, don’t try to tell me what I meant.