Dan Heaton Ad

I received a catalogue from Sportcheck in Pickering Ontario today and was very surprised to a full page article on Dan Heaton in the middle of the catalogue

Dan was standing behind his muni and the article extolled his prowess in the unicycle field.

Way to go Dan!

Uni’s are becoming mainstream (well almost!)


And from what I heard, he was on the back cover of Outdoors magazine. :slight_smile:

In one of the skiing magazines they give you at the Warren Miller Films he had a full page ad in the middle. The picture when hes out in the forest like in the Colombia clothing ads


Damn, they obvious give out different mags in the UK showings. That’d would’ve made the film even better.

Any indication that Sportcheck will be in to selling unicycles or are they just outfitting / sponsoring Dan with clothes / gear etc?

Are the ads online anywhere?