Dan Cowling Video

Remember seeing the trailer for this ages ago, is it done yet, what’s happened to it? I was looking forward to seeing some new stuff.

hey man, yeah the vid shouldve been out along time ago but now theres some new plans in the works. hold tight, mite have a short vid of him out soon!


Whats happening?

hey ppl sorry it’s taking so long aye, but it is coming, i’ve just been real busy ok, filming starts this weekend!!!

I’m sure we’ll all hold you to that.

Would be awesome to see some new stuff from you.

Now that Dan H is out its all about the Dan C :slight_smile:

Haha, you know, for the longest time I thought YOU were Dan Cowling. No idea why I thought that. (I figured out you werent awhile ago, not sure when)

What happened to Heaton?

(looking forward to the vid BTW)

Apparently hes too old to ride now (so says the man himself) Which I think is crazy because hes the same age as some of New Zealands best riders.

Bumpity, bump bump.

He’s younger than me I thought, and Kris Holm, and Terry (MuniAddict) but he did have some back problems didn’t he? Perhaps that influenced his decision. Shame though he was a great rider to watch.

It’s funny. I’ve never seen him do a straight up crankflip, or any variations, except a donkeykick, and monkey kick. Never seen any hickflips, or 180 flips or anything like that from him. I don’t understand why a broken seat would stop him.

I think I heard that he never actually learned to crankflip. Broken seat? Did anyone suggest a broken seat stopped him?

Some1 link trailer?

I was talking to miles ornish and he was telling me how Dan broke his seat, an just doesn’t want to ride anymore.

Im sure its not that he doesn’t want to ride because his seat broke, but if he ever wanted to ride, he couldn’t…

Wasn’t Dan taking it easier since he broke both his ankles?

I do know he once announced that Syko wouldn’t be releasing any new DVD’s 'cause all the “new” stuff that would be featured on them now get posted online the same afternoon the riders first do them.

Were talking about Dan Cowling not Dan Heaton :smiley:

Dan (Peters)

That was quite a while ago.

Seat and back:
A friend who was a pretty good trials rider has pretty much stoped from a broken post and some back problems. I told him of some exercises he could do and he said they helped, but I thik he’s not the type to do “workouts” and the post was just the excuse he needed to stop:(

I think that is a primary reason why the DVD’s that have been made recently have been hard to sell enough to get back enough $ to make the time, money and effort invested to make it worthwhile. Eg. I don’t think BM has gotten enough back to cover his expenses yet.

Once or twice a month someone puts up a vid online w/ REALLY good riding and editing.

Is this it?

If so it’s from a pretty old thread.

A good vid in it’s own right IMO.

thats right

yeah come on guys, lets get back to talkin bout me. shit!