Why does everything happen to me?

I was able to get up on a BC wheel long enough to say to myself



Talk to you soon Darren

edit: The worst part was that I had on shorts and no armour…but after I discovered how much my legs were rubbed and burning…I discovered that I was getting better with each try.

Can anyone relate to pain loosing over potential success?

This notion leads to all sorts of possibilities… Hmmm. If you want to lighten your touch on the pedals go barefoot with spikies… If you want to transition from gliding to coasting go barefoot… Interesting innovation, Sofa!


When I first got my BC wheel I had shorts and no leg armour. It’s a 24" wheel and has little round pegs instead of platforms so it’s harder to separate your feet and legs. That afternoon I rode the BC wheel so much (using my legs as a brake as you do when you’re beginning) that my legs, in these two little strips, went from normal, to hairless, to black, to red, and then finally to very sore and sticky from some strange clear goo that’s between the layers of skin. :slight_smile:

I’ve never learnt to confidently jump mount my BC wheel though. I really need to work on it. I tried a couple of days ago and realised how terrible I am at it.

Edit - Several months later you could still see the marks left on my legs from my first day of BC-ing.


You’re a lot more dedicated than me A_C, I quit at a 20:80 black:red mix.