damn these 180 unispins

okay ive been practising 180 unispins on and off for about a month, ive got everything up to the landing pretty much sorted, my problem is i have this natural reaction to flick my legs out which makes me miss the pedal :angry: i land the same way almost every time, feet slightly away from the pedals, ive looked at videos and at tips on this forum. i’ve tried flicking my feet in to land on the cranks but no joy, its really bugging me now, anyone got any help? im seriously getting annoyed with these now :frowning:

hey i just got them, what i found worked was to push down on the seat when i jumped so it didn’t rise with me so i had more space. as well i practiced jumping of the pedals doing non-footers. just rump your legs up and our but don’t worry about spinning the uni. when you can do this confidently just try spinning the uni. it should be easy when u get that. also wear shin pads because it makes you feel more confident.

Everyone has the same problem when they’re learning. It’s scary to put your feet back on the pedals and easy to leave them out there where it’s safe.

Ditto to the above advice. Practice no-footers until they’re boring. Jump up - flick feet out - flick feet back in - land on either cranks or pedals - hop until you get control - ride away. Spinning the uni is the easy part and you can add that later.

And if you’re not already wearing shin guards, get some. It’s amazing how much it helps your brain overcome the fear of the pedals when you know it won’t hurt much.

Instead of flicking your feet out bring your feet straight up over the tire when spinning. You don’t have to worry about flicking your feet back in and if the uni hits the ground before you, it’s ok; you have to come down eventually and if you brought your feet straight up there’s a great chance they will land right back on the pedals. Then you don’t even have to worry about landing on the cranks! I recently learned unispins (see sig). I’ve already successfully landed (probably) over 40 and I’ve only landed on the cranks once.

Agreed. Aim for the cranks to start, and get shin guards. I lost mine last summer, it’s been almost a year since I’ve uni spun since I haven’t gotten new ones yet :frowning:

Pushing down on seat

I just got my first few unispins. At first, I was jumping up off the pedals but not really deliberately pushing down on the seat. Didn’t have a lot of success until I started compressing the tire not by just pushing down on the pedals, but by also pushing down on the seat almost equally. Made for a very stable spin, and I think I got up a little higher off the pedals without more effort.

Also, another tip that helped me was to focus on really grabbing the seat after the spin with both hands and keeping it still. I used to not hold it tight enough and it would go off to the side as I started to land on the pedals. Holding it tighter after the spin with both hands made it so bad things did not happen when I started landing back on the pedals.

Don’t give up. It’s a hard trick. It took me months to get. Same problem. Just keep focusing on putting your feet back on the pedals/cranks.

Are you wearing leg armor, a helmet and gloves? I find that’s not just smart, it helps with the confidence to commit to the trick, which is crucial with unispins.

I also find it helps to yell as I land. I’m serious.

I am now landing the trick about 90% of the time.

I think the folks from 2009 have either gotten it by now or given up on it :stuck_out_tongue:

I am actually glad this was resurrected, I am just trying to learn no footers now, so I can do a spin someday :slight_smile:

Me too.

Learning a good high and wide no footer is the key, it makes it much easier to unispin. It’s pretty fun too.

Uh… I can do unispin but can’t no footer… They are scary :smiley:

This may be a dumb question but I have never had a problem asking dumb questions. SIF is just starting to click for me. Should I try practicing no footers SIF or while sitting on the seat?

It doesn’t really matter. You just need to get comfortable jumping off the pedals.

when you do a unispin you will be SIF, so SIF no footers would be the thing to practice.

also probably would be a good time to start on jump mounts too.

I got my 180 jump mounts first, then went on to 180s with some aerials.

I can’t do no-footers.

I thought aerials and no footers were the same thing? what is the difference?

Does it help to have the saddle lower or higher when learning unispins? It seems a taller saddle would be easier for seat out, since you wouldn’t have to reach down so far as with a low seat height.

My preferred hight is pretty in the middle. Not too high and not super low. A good place to start is have your seat at a hight that when you’re sitting on it your feet barely touch the ground. If the seat is too low you bend over more and lose control.

Good tip! I checked and my seat height is such that when I’m sitting on the saddle I’m basically on my tip toes. Sound about right?