Damn sub 170mm cranks

I hate having to take the pedals off so the crank puller will spin!

I have to do that with all of my cranks. Don’t forget to take the nut off first. :wink:

I was wondering how well the other crank puller worked:

I would assume that with this one, you wouldn’t need to take the pedals off first. Right?


That’s the one that I use. You don’t need to take the pedal off to be able to remove the crank. But you do have to remember to bring an adjustable wrench (or spanner) along or the crank remover doesn’t work very well.

The type of crank remover that Sofa is using is a real pain to use with shorter cranks.

Ooh, I never heard of those ones!


im to lasy to look but im guessing your useing the Park crank puller with the handle attached.those suck and dont ever use the larger threaded side on French cranks it will strip them out like butter.

In the application they were designed for, they are phenominal

nope nope nope Park tools have a long history of mucho sucko and there crank puller is a dog,that handle only helps to throw it farther into the lake.

Well, I’ve had it for about 5 years, and have taken off about 200 cranks with it…still good as new.

I’ll keep it, thanks :slight_smile:

Although, I will get that other one for my unicycles with short cranks