Damn it!

I am so pumped to ride right now but I cant casue’ i can barely bend over. I fucked up my back so im out for at least a week. Today i went to tie my shoe and i fell over and almost cried. Has anyone ever had an injury like this before? what made it better for u?
What should i do to avoid super bordom for the next while?

rubiks cube

you should get a massage.

no that wont help and rubick cubes only take like an hour max. I went to a chiropractor but now its worse

Do what us Americans do and sue the chiropractor, with the money buy yourself a nice shiny new KH for when you get better. :roll_eyes:

Take lots of pain medication, then take a hot bath…no wait…better do the bath first!:wink:
(PS: Jk…stay out of the medicine cabinet!)

alot of professional athletes say one of the things they do when they are injured is…
spend time with their lady!!!

One week of not riding is nothing to sweat about.

no worries buddy, happened to me in my 2nd year of riding. I bent over to pick up my helmet and my lower back freaked out!

took about 2 weeks to heal, never happened again…

the more relaxed you are, the sooner you’ll be back on the wheel


Maybe not to you…

A whole week :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: you should kill yourself now, Is it possibly to last that long without riding :thinking:

disclaimer: do not hold me in any way responsible for the death of r-cormier

My precious!!!

but I already have a new kh, and this is canada i dont think i’d win

Yea dude i got a really bad back, and it goes out on me a lot. my mom is a massge therapist, mostly dealing with injury’s and she recomended me to stretch out my calfs & hamstrings because the connect up to your lower back. And also to do some back excercises (kinda like a reverse sit-up on your stomach) to strengthen it.

Over the past 3 years I,ve had an entire year of healing time from injurys. 6 months for a broken leg, 5 for an arm, 3 for a dislocated shoulder and what looks to be 3-4 for my last dislocation. A week of not riding is nothing to worry about.

ive had a very sore back, but it goes away after sleeping on a couch.

That is a reason to get better. One hour is weak. If you can get down to less then three minutes then you might have something.