well first the good news, i just learnt how to do a late rev, 180 rev and grind 1.5 mtrs along a flat rail.

bad news, i have broken yet another thing on my uni, the handle!!! this is really pissing me off that i am breaking stuff and i cant afford a newie as i am getting work done to my dirtbike which is costing me every cent…

i figure i will have to pop rivert a piece of aluminium onto it or something, or use some araldite and see how that holds up (i am not asking what i should do as i already have an idea and will figure it out tomorow, so done give me advice please).

now a question, does anybody else frequently break items on their uni’s? or am i just too extreme (wouldnt be suprised, i do push my limits a little)


things break…
from the seatpost up, if you ride hard, dont expect things to last to long.

Things weren’t made to be perfect. If it breaks, buy a new one. Right agentQ?? :smiley:

i break stuff all the time. two frames, a seatpost, two saddles and three pairs of pedals all in a year. i’m not very gentle with my uni but stuff still breaks all the time.


carbon fiber seat bases and handles.
my friend broke his seat base to a KH street saddle a few weeks ago. so i lent him my seat with a carbon fiber base and he put plastic handles on it. he broke both of those handles too. he is on his 3rd handle now and fortunately has not broke it yet.
Basicly carbon fiber is a great investment. But you shuld only use carbon fiber seat bases with carbon fiber handles other wise if the handle is plastic it will break easy or if you use a carbon fiber handle with a plastic seat base you will break the seat base.

Yea, or just cover with tape, till some money falls in yer lap.:wink:

That works too. :wink:

Personaly, I dont see the means to buying a CF handle for a street uni. to much money for soemthing that is going to get dropped and scratched all to hell.

Hey if you can afford it, why not. :smiley: :smiley:

Each to their own, yes. :slight_smile:

Also you then need a better post, else the stiffer base will mean you start busting that too.

Dirtbikes are expensive. Unicycles aren’t. But look on the bright side. Sometimes it’s better for the unicycle to break. Once you get the unbreakable unicycle (which is theoretically possible, I guess), it increases the odds of you breaking instead of it. :astonished:

And from the seatpost down…

Pedals break ALL THE TIME, spokes break frequently (if you ride fairly hard), rims get out of true easily, and cranks get cross-threaded often.

It happens, get used to it, and go spend the 15 odd dollars that it costs for a new handle.

spokes pop out if u dont know a thing about wheels and if u run your tire pressure too low for big drops…
i wouldnt spend 15dolars on a new handle because ive seen people break one handle one day and then the next day they broke the next one they got and then the next day they broke the 3rd one they had…personally id go carbon fiber…but watever floats your boat works too…

3 handles in 3 days? Thats not a problem with the plastic compound. :roll_eyes: That would be poor technique. I wish CF could fix that.:smiley:

i dont think its poor technique…the handles were off of torker lxs and one of my old unis…

ya…duck tape is my hero…

Are the torker/miyata handles that much weaker? I was thinkin of drilling that hole patern when I go CF base.

just spend the extra dough and get a carbon fiber handle to go with it…

I find hockey/bat style tape far superior.

Or use industrial tape. :smiley: