Damaged shoes?

Or “Post a Photo of your Sole”

I have read that certain types of pedals wear out shoes faster then others, and that gliding is also really hard on them.

Post your damaged shoe photos with a brief description of how long you have been unicycling in them and what you do.

I’m also interested in seeing where you place you foot on the pedal.

I’ve used mine for unicycling for 4 months (averaging around 30 minutes per day) with a pair of Snafu pedals. The silver glint is where the hard plastic inner of the shoe has worn off some of the pedals metal, the ruffed up aerated part is where the pedal’s pins have torn through the sole into the soft part of the innards.


Doesn’t anyone wear shoes while unicycling?

Actually I unicycle in my bare feet, gives me a better feel for the unicycle when I’m going offroad. Naw, I pretty much wore out the sole of one shoe before I got a pair of Vans skater shoes. I’d show ya, but not all of us have picture taking capabilities.

yea- i dont have a picture- but i wear like the new school converse and gliding makes the bottoms really smooth. nothing that bad, just after a while its harder to grip the tire when doing it.

Nice thread - I just went and took a pic of my old trainers epsecially. This is what those infamously spiky Onza pedals do to skate-style shoes with about 6 months of daily riding. The flat parts are also from extensive walking about in them.

They’re still the best for riding in though, as the flatness means that you can stick your foot on a pedal and it’s happy right where it lands, rather than having knobbly grip on your shoes and have to twitch it around to get comfy when you mount, finding the right knobble for it to sit in.

Sam :slight_smile:

I wish i took a picture before i threw em away, I hada pair with a hole all the way to my socks from learnin to glide.