damage caused on unicycles

The other day i had my first real ride on a giraffe uni but as we could not free mount it we had to use this flag pole which had a plat form at the right hight to mount it after a little while the flag pole started making some funny sounds and i think we nearly snaped it.i have also broke a leg on a bench out side our house i just had to ask who else has any one broken benches ect on there unicycle?

the damage does not incule damage to your unicycle!!!

Re: damage caused on unicycles

TUK, the day I got my first unicycle, I attempted to break my father’s shin. Ended up just making his shin a bloody bruised mess, he swore he thought I broke it!

As most of you can visualize, in our stupidity of unicycling mechanics, my Dad stood behind me and held my waist as I tried to mount the uni. We all know where that other pedal planted, yep, right on his shin…

Does that kind of damage count in your thread?

I should also mention, my Dad NEVER helped me mount my uni again, and that was 32 Christmas mornings ago. --chirokid–

yes that’s the sort of stuff i want

I guess no one else has ever broken or damaged anything except their uni’s. It just you and me TUK. :slight_smile: --chirokid–

come on some one apart from me must have damaged something!!! people count as well but not your self please post pics of your weapon

i riped off the mirror of one of my parentes cars when i was learing to ride.

Also one time when i wa riding my 6 around the neborhood with my friend he cut me off between a car and his bike (he did this on purpus) so i landed on top of him with unicycle and feet. when we got back up we had a little scrap and dident talk for a year.

thats about it for me thoe


PS. On a number of ocations i have almost runn over squirls from them running right in front of my coker this has happened abot 6 times here in austin.

I confess. I knocked over a street sign in Long Beach Island, NJ once. I was trying to mount my ex, that’s ex-Coker by the way, towards the end of a long ride; I was too tired to freemount and the street sign had come very loose and fell over when I grabbed it.

Just to show what scum I was, some kind soul anonymously mailed back my drivers license which had apparently fallen out of my, um, “small pack that is strapped around the waist and has no proper name that does not offend some nationality”.

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ

I broke my wrist when I fell off my 6’ giraffe when I was a teenager. The sprocket slipped and the wheel went right out from underneath me. I couldn’t write with the cast on my wrist and had to start college a semester late.

My son kept jumping up on the brick planter by my front steps and knocked some bricks loose. I had to tear several bricks out to repair it properly.

We are very careful not to jump on public property that might be damaged by our actions. I don’t want unicycling to get the same reputation as skateboarding.

Tom, I am very glad to hear that attitude expressed. I can not jump on anything, yet, but I hope I always keep your attitude when I can jump.

Multiple thumbs up to you. --chirokid–

Thats my rule of thumb when out riding in public places, if its going to cause any damage to the thing in riding on i won’t go on it!

Two years ago I was part of a show at the Peruvian Naval Academy for their officers and cadets. This is Peru’s equivalent of Annapolis. They had a very nice auditorium and stage set-up. Before the performance I was warming up and experimenting with the stairs and platform level to see what I could incorporate into my set. The stage has about a 3-4 foot drop to the hardwood floor that covers the orchestra pit.

I’ve dropped to many a wooden floor before and never thought twice about it. This time I should have. Thankfully I did a rolling drop and rolled out of my landing. When I landed there was a loud crack rather than the usually dull thud as the floor splintered and cracked. This left a nice hole where you could see into the darkness and void of the orchestra pit. Had I not rolled the landing I may have gone through the floor completely. I was quite embarrassed and was afraid I was going to find out how the Peruvian Military punished its ranks.

In the lower left of the pic you can see the spot where I jumped off the stage. Unfortunately this doesn’t show the floor. This is the only pic I have from that performance.

peru naval academy2.jpg

Kudos to Tomcopeland and James. My rule of thumb is that I will not break or damage things that are not mine, and also that I will not leave a mark. Same as going into a national park or other public space, since it’s for everyone and not just me, this should be the approach. Lately I’ve taken to photographing obvious areas of skateboard/inline skate damage, to show to people when they don’t understand what I’m talking about.

My most embarrassing damage was a hole in a wall. And this was recently! For a while we were doing unicycle club meetings in a storefront activities center formerly used by Joe’s Joint, a part of my wife’s company, STEP (http://www.stepsite.com/joes.htm). I was warning Jacquie, who was riding along the wall, to be careful when approaching the far wall. “If the unicycle slips out, like this…” and it made a big hole in the thin sheetrock. Big laughs, and so much for my warning about how it hurts if you’re still on the seat when the wheel hits the wall!

My friends and I made gouges in the wooden bleachers at SUNY Purchase (New York) University at the 1983 IJA Festival. We were jumping up and down, with spikey metal pedals. A prime example of what one should not do. I have since learned my lesson.

I’m sure there have been many others, but those are the ones that come to mind.

i also try not to break public property but some things like tyre marks can not be helped.The bench i did break was my own but it came with the house and was not up to being sat on any way as it was rotten and had a hole at the back were one of the beams were missing. but if i am going to use a public bench i never use one that is in memory of someone do not ask why.

Correct! I am the same. I use most stuff I find, but I NEVER jump on benches that are in memory of someone. No one should!. It is so disrespectful!


I didn’t actually break or damage anything, but caused a bit of work for myself.

Whilst learning to ride at the back of a supermarket, I was using a pile of old palettes as a mounting assistant.

A combination of my bad sense of balance and badly stacked broken palettes caused the pile of palettes to fall over and the domino effect knocked over the two piles of palettes behind it.

I had nearly finished restacking the 50 or so palettes when an employee from the supermarket asked me what I was doing. I explained the story and he told me I could have left them on the floor, as they will be thrown into a container the next day. :angry:


i realise it could’ve been rather serious but i can’t help feeling u missed out on the BIG TRICK to end all BIG TRICKS

this thread was very shakey at first but it has got some great replys dustin your web site was great i went on it a little while ago when i started unicycling i think that your do somthing great i think working for what you belive in is one of the best things you can do!i think it would be great if more people could send in pics of what they had damaged or what they did it on

Dustin, I agree with TUK, your web site is great. Even more Awesome is your message. Keep it up.
Your Brother, --chirokid–

more damage!!!

i took a chunk out of a bench the other day i was going to hop off it then my wheel sliped off my peddle stuck in the bench and it some how stood there balanced?? i pulled it from the bench after i picked my self up
happy days