Dalton Highway Ride, less than a month

I bought the last of my gear today and have been killing myself in Wyoming training on hills with my pack on.

Are there any last minute takers that want to join me?

Also, i made a facebook group : http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=11110607950

join it and support me. I need lots of good wishes.


I joined up; good luck, and have an absolutely spectacular ride! (I know it will be!)

Hey Mike

I was actually thinking about your trip yesterday while it was dumping more snow. I really don’t think that it is a good idea to do this trip solo in May but that is your decision not mine. For safety’s sake try to at least get someone to bike with you, It would definitely be easier to find a biking partner than a unicycing one.

If you can’t find anyone to go with you I again urge you to reconsider the time of year to do your trip. July or August would be much better as far as weather is concerned. Here in Saskatchewan we still have snow until the end of May, it is much colder further north in Alaska.

I still think it is an awesome trip and that you should do it, just not alone in May.

Good luck whatever you decide, and post right before you leave and when you get back!


You rock man!! This would be a dream ride of mine and would love to join you but like Eric, I must work. Sounds like a good idea to find a biker to come along for safety’s sake. My Dad and I did an unsupported ride across Nevada where we would sometimes be without civilization for 90 or more miles. Several times even with two people it got scary after running out of water and feeling dizzy. We ended up having to get a pickup to drive us to the summit. If the highway lacks cars during certain hours it would at least be nice to have a friend in case something went wrong.

Good luck on an experience that is sure to be one of the coolest accomplishments to date on one wheel.