Dallas unicycle club

Hey there I’m just looking for Members or would be members in the Dallas Metroplex area.

If you interested we have a Face Book page.

We meet every Sunday from 7-9ish at Celebration Park in Allen Texas

Just FYI this is Julia B’s Club I’m just trying to find out how many members are on the forum.:slight_smile:

Peace :sunglasses:



I signed up on Facebook, but I actually live in Houston.

Hi, thanks for posting info regarding Celebration park. I plan to make it to the park one Sunday but, not this Sunday. It will be a blast to actually meet others who are “One with the Wheel.” I live west of the metroplex where there is plenty of space to ride; however, there isn’t much Fellowship of the wheel going on out here.

Sweet! The Sundays are a fun way to try new things and get taught from some good unicyclist. The President of the club is Julia B (our hero)and is pretty sick at tricks, but there are all kinds of good riders in the club.

There is usually a Sat or Sunday morning ride at White Rock lake for speed and distance riders.

Come out and see whats happening. :sunglasses:

We are on FB at.

Dallas Unicycle Club

unicyclist needed

I am looking for 2 unicyclists to work at an event I am having at a store in Highland Park Village Thursday, January 19th from 6-8pm. The idea is to have 2 unicyclists parked at the front entrance holding drink trays. Please let me know if you have any interest. Best, Lela