Dallas Unicycle Club - A Day at the Skatepark

Just a small video to get people to come join our club. We only spent about an hour filming, so the riding’s nothing groundbreaking. Constructive criticism is great especially on the filming, this is the first time I’ve ever hand filmed anything.

hahaha Love the little kid at the end! Stay on the rail longer next time Julia :wink: haha fun little video. if I lived in the area I’d stop by and ride with everyone… too bad I don’t… lame! That’s really weird how empty that park is on a nice weekend like that. The parks here are ALWAYS packed unless you go at night or during the school day. Even then they’re pretty full.

If I was there I would join the club… Cool video. And the filming was pretty good, but some of the shots were a little jerky, other than that it was good.

Hope you recruit some people.

I’ll do the full rail next time, that was the first time I’ve done it though and I couldn’t get a better one cause I had to go. :roll_eyes: And there actually were quite a few people there, but they all mostly ride in the bowls and such not by the stairs/ledges/rails. The BMX track is pretty much always empty though.

huh, haha cool. Good luck on the rail :slight_smile:

Awww, you shouldn’t have. Just kidding, you should have, and you did.:stuck_out_tongue:

NICE video! Erick looks like a fun guy to unicycle with, he’s not half bad too. The filming was really smooth too! All in all, a great video :smiley:

Sweet, wish I lived a bit closer… Maybe we can make it out there some weekend :slight_smile:

And what was the little guy riding at the end? I think my son would love that!

Good video, Julia, and good thinking to include the shots of learning along the fence. Helps everyone understand that we all start out the same way - in a state of terrified clinging to solid objects…

Well done.


That would be cool! I have no idea what he was riding, looks like a tricycle sort of thing maybe?

…or falling over solid objects that aren’t high enough to support you… like a sofa.

Good video, shows a wide range of the fun to be had on a unicycle.

I managed to put a pedal through my (unicycling) daughter’s bedroom door while teaching myself to ride. My wife and both daughters were away on holiday at the time, and when they returned, I let my daughter take the blame, just like any good Dad would… All part of teaching her how the outside World works :roll_eyes: .

Nice video

Looks fun!
When and where do y’all meet up?