Dallas, Texas Area Unicycling Weekend

:)Hey Everybody!!:slight_smile:
My name is Celeste and I am Tommy Thompson’s daughter (as in from The Memphis Unicycle Club.) Anyway, this is my first time to do this, so I am probabky doing about 4,000 things wrong. Please forgive me. Anyways, I want to see this guy friend in Dallas, Texas, but the only way I can get there is if my dad has a reason for him to go. So, I was wondering if anyone in the Dallas area would be interested in getting together for a unicycle-filled weekend in Dallas!!! Not only am I DYING!!! to see this guy, I know that my dad and I would really like to meet some people and go uniycling for a weekend sometime in June. If you have anything to say, PU-LAAAAEEEEEESSSSSEEEEEE tell me. Thanks a ton!!! Talk to you later, ciao!!!

:)Celeste Thompson:)
Memphis Unicycle Club
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Try to get in touch with John Broderick or someone in the Fort Worth Uni-Psychos.

You’re too young to date.