Dallas, Texas area riders?

I’ll be in Garland, (north of Dallas) on March 9 & 10 for a couple of days of class. I plan on bringing my Muni and Trials with me, anybody nearby want to do some riding?
My classes are supposed to end @ 4 p.m. each day.

Sup dude,
The unipsychos ride on fri nights in fort worth…if youll be here till then, you should come out w/ us ( i can drive). Write me back to let me know whats up, I live right near downtown and I’ll take you riding. Muni, street whatever. I have a cool muni spot i go to thats low key…just depends on the ground conditions here. Talk to you later.



I’ll only be able to ride on Wed & Thurs evening. Send me a pm with your address so that I can see how far away you are from where I’ll be in Garland

Just giving it one more attempt. I’ll be leaving for Garland Tuesday afternoon and won’t have internet access after that. If anybody’s in that area and would be interested in riding, just shoot me a pm with your phone # before Tuesday and we’ll make contact.

sent you a PM.