Dallas munis

I just found this list and wanted to know if there are muni riders using any of the MTB trails around Dallas or Texas? I take mine occasionally to Texas MTB races as pit vehicle, but mostly ride near the house. Last weekend while on my roadbike heading up to Plano for a race, I talked to a guy, Louise, on a muni out at White Rock Lake. Also any regular meeting places or shops that have gear?
John in Dallas

Check out the Fort Worth Unisychos http://www.unipsychos.com/ .

I travel to Dallas almost weekly and often ride the (mostly paved) trails in the Richardson Telecom Corridor.

Never seen another uni/muni there.

OK, I’ll look for posts reguarding rides in the Dallas area.

The DFW area has many singletrack trails that are fun for cruising on a muni. Most are tight winding singletrack through trees. Some have sandy soil, while others are black dirt with limestone ledges. This area has few hills that are very tall, but there is plenty of technical riding as well. For a complete listing and description of the trails go to DORBA.org. I like LB Houston and Rowlett Creek for cruising.

I live near dallas, i’ve never ridden in dallas though.

I’m in Dallas but I mostly just ride around the neighborhood. I find it challenging enough to just ride across the lawn nevermind a mountainbike trail. LB Houston would be a good one to try for a first timer though!