Dallas Area Riders/Unipsychos

Hi, I searched for other threads like this and they were all pretty old so I decided to start a new one. I live in the Dallas area, and I was wondering if there were any other riders around? I ride street, flat, and trials, but I’m pretty beginner at all of it. Anyway, just reply to this thread or shoot me a PM if you want to go for a ride sometime.

While searching, I found out about the club in Fort Worth, the Unipsychos. I went to their website and sent them an email a few days ago, but they have yet to reply. Does anyone know if they are still active?


Dunno if the Unipsychos are still active. I think there are a couple other Dallas riders. I’m in Texarkana, which might make you the closest rider to us.

I am in Dallas, (well Desoto, 10 miles south) I haven’t heard of the Unipsychos riding in quite a while but maybe they just don’t post it on their site. I know there is a group that rides out of the Richardson Bike Mart (on Campbell road) and they told me they used to ride downtown Dallas once a week, you may check with the store there (just ask for the unicycle guy) and see if they still ride. If you dont find anyone else I would be willing to ride with you sometime but Im not very good i just ride street , cant do any tricks or anything so I stay away from trials and stuff…

I’m in Wylie and looking to buy a uni soon. I haven’t ridden in yeArs so will start out with street, but might try some trails later.

It’s cool to see that there are other riders in the Dallas area.

Stickuni, it’d be great to ride sometime, but I live in almost the exact opposite direction that you do from Dallas, I’m like 15 miles Northeastish. :sunglasses:

I live in Preston Hollow, near Highland Park and University Park. I know the unipsycos are still active because they emailed me back, but I heard they meet at like 9:30 in Ft. Worth which is such a hassle. I’m not quite sure what I do, but I do do stuff.

Whats up?

I haven’t rode with Ben or the rest of the Unipsychos since last winter but I’m going to start up riding again this winter

If any of ya’ll are down to ride hit me up and I’ll get you connected with Ben and hopefully the rest of everyone


Awesome, right now I have a 4 day weekend, Friday-Monday. I’ll most likely be going to the skatepark in Allen at least one day, maybe we could meet up? Do you have a facebook? I don’t check this very often.

I live in College Station for most of the year, but during winter break I’ll probably be back in Dallas where my family is (Rowlett, actually).

It’s on for this friday (if the weather holds up)

Hit me up if ya’ll wanna go

i saw your uni in college station, but not you riding it…

i’m in kingsville now, an hour away from corpus
oh… i may be up in college station for the UT game.

Dude YOU need to get your ass up here and ride with us! I want somone to ride with who’s not afraid to jump big gaps

you got my # so theres no excuse I expect you up here this winter

only thing about that is that you’re twice as far…

Things are looking good for this friday…