Dallas area muni?

I’ve got a conference in Dallas in a few weeks. Anyone here from the area that can tip me off to some muni opportunities that might be accessible using public transit? (I’ll have no car.)

It’d be a double bonus if anyone would like to try to meet for a ride, and triple bonus if there’s someone local that would let me “rent” a spare muni in exchange for copious beers so I don’t have to hassle with airlines and bringing my uni.

Any local info/riding partners would be greatly appreciated.

This is the DFW unicycle club. When I go to Dallas I ride Muni with a bunch of the guys there. Bunch of cool folks that all love to Muni when they can. They can also give you a lot of info on locals mountain trails and what not. Hope that helps.

Thanks! That helps a ton. I’ll post there and see what info/partners I can scare up.