DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM - geared unicycles/ hpv's

Hello !

My name is Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney, Australia.

I have invented “DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM”, suitable for GEARED UNICYCLES and other human powered vehicles HPV’s (bicycles, especially folding bicycles, recumbent, tandem, tricycles, etc).

The system can be used/ retrofited to any unicycles in a few minutes/ hpv’s already on the market/ as modular components.

Ideal for new unique designs/ customised unicycles/ hpv’s, created

It is very light, good for wheels with diametres D= 6…8…11…65…100+ cm/ centimetres, any size.

Shift-on-the-fly as well, any transmission ratio is available.

LIGHTER and MUCH, MUCH CHEAPER than any internal hub, or other geared unicycle system, it is a new kind of aproach towards hpv’s.

Very strong, ordinary manufacturing technologies/ procesess, very low Q factor= distance between pedals/ ext. cranks.

The modular components/ fast wheels can be used for any other hpv’s.

I want to contact/ work with people/ manufacturing companies able/ willing to produce/ manufacture/ market/ sell the many applications of DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM.

A new, international business can be created, manufacturing, marketing, selling these products world wide.

Please, contact me at dakoroman@unicyclist.com, dakoroman@yahoo.com.

Especially if you can prove hpv’s manufacturing capabilities and the will/ comitment to be part of this process and benefit.

Mobile : 0423 226 552

Thank you very much, Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney, Australia.

Us aussies have been very busy it seems,I am very interested to see what you have come up with ,do you have prototypes.I’d like to help but my primitive manufacturing methods have no place in a commercial venture.Go the Dakoroman.

…and you’ve made a couple threads in the Trading Post with some sort of sales pitch, but have yet to share much with us about your invention.

If you were to read through this site, you’d find many of us are interested in such a development. If you dug a little deeper, you’d find some of us have actually developed and produced geared unicycles: some prototypes, and a couple in production.

Could you give us a little more information on your invention and why you’re sharing it with us? Has it been prototyped? Have you subjected the prototype to any tests? Are you shopping for someone to produce your invention?

This is what confuses me. You seem to claim it can be manufactured, then you ask if it can be manufactured. What gives here?

I suspect it could be the Nigerian unicyling scam.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM - geared unicycles/ hpv’s

Thanks, dangerdog and maestro8 !

The reason I have posted DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM is to give you a glimpse about new products and to find a commercial/ mass production manufacturer, even better market and/ sell.

maestro8, those companies must prove their manufacturing capabilities,call it shopping if you like.

I am not asking if these applications of DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM can be produce or work, I am very advanced, just interested to hit the market from a higher level.

I know what is on the market/ geared unicycles/ hpv’s and my general/ limited claims were made comparing/ describing DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM with the best ones available in the world.

Criterias: functionability/ weight, speed, compactness, retrofit= to any unicycle types in minutes, maintenance= easy, shift-on-the-fly, wheel size=any size, strength, modular components, transportable, folding, transmission ratios= any ratio desired, manufacturing processes= less and cheaper, used for other hpv’s=O.K., Q factor= very low, price= cheap, the unique designs and less expensive manufacturing processess allow that, etc, etc.

Read my previous threads in Trading Post/ dakoroman, the reasons why I do not give full descriptions at this stage.

Soon I will decide where/ with who to manufacture and I will post full informations/ pictures/ tests results/ prices/ etc back to www.unicyclist.com

Until then, food for thoughts for you, just to exercise your minds, how DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM system works.

Thank you, Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney, Australia.

Hi dakoroman,
What your suggesting sounds really interesting and potentially revolutionary for the sport of unicycling. I am just wondering if you are using the same drive system for all the HPV’s you mentioned. Because if you are you face the unique problems unicycles have posed for past geared systems- the fact that it needs to be fixed wheel and work in reverse as well. Hope all goes well finding an interested and reliable manufacturer for your product. I cant wait to see what you’ve come up with.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM - geared unicycles/ hpv’s

" Hi dakoroman,
What your suggesting sounds really interesting and potentially revolutionary for the sport of unicycling. I am just wondering if you are using the same drive system for all the HPV’s you mentioned. Because if you are you face the unique problems unicycles have posed for past geared systems- the fact that it needs to be fixed wheel and work in reverse as well. Hope all goes well finding an interested and reliable manufacturer for your product. I cant wait to see what you’ve come up with.


Hi Mark/ napalm,

The main concept of DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM is the same and there is an " universal " DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM good for most hpv’s, especially convertible/ folding ones.

However, customised DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEMS/ designs for different hpv’s are desirable, to take advantage of customised/ unique frames.

Thank you.

I believe your suspicions aren’t very far from the truth.

My bullsh*t detector goes bonkers when I read this guy’s posts.

My vote: ban this kook from the fora before he gets anyone’s personal information.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM - geared unicycles/ hpv’s

Hello again!

I agree, it is pointless to continue without proving/ sustaining my claims,
the best is to come back when I can demonstrate everything.

At least my threads will remain in archives for future comparations.

MAESTRO8, my English is not that good/ academic to answer to your last email, I wish you good luck anyway.

I want to concentrate to main target, manufacturing, we shall discuss later.

Happy and prosperous 2008 to all Unicycling Community members/ fans.

Thanks, Ioan “Dakoroman” OASA, Sydney, Australia.

is this supposed to be a joke?
this is stupid!
its a majically driven gear box, say ABBBBRA CADABRA!!!
and poof your kris holm ewekneepsyco can become a dorkman driven unicycle-like machine that uses nuclear reinforced gearing systems to propel you to unheard of speeds and lead to certain death.


anyways, i (want to) hope this is real, but its obviously not.

Is Thanh-uni back? With week fingers we greet you dakoroman.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM - geared unicycles/ hpv’s

Happy New Year !

Maestro8, skrobo, dangerdog, pdc: sorry, your vocabulary/ words are difficult/ hard to understand for me.

My first/ native language is Latin based/ romance/ romanic.

At the moment I learn a Germanic language = English, the official language in Australia, but unfortunatelly so far I could only comprehend the worst/ very bad words like: respect, fair go, good will, understanding, rational thought, cause and effect, logic, commonsense, etc, etc.

I am learning the opposite type of words from you, by reading your posts.

And by the way, I am not Thanh - Uni; it is frustrating for you not to have someone to ridicule, humiliate, my talents are limited.


I do recognise my huge mistake by posting general informatii on “Unicyclist” before I was ready to cover/ prove/ demonstrate every claim/ word, but from here to be acused of anything is a long way.

Some of the readers of my threads/ posts are sensing something/ unusual/ new and keep asking logical questions; for the MACHOS with IQ 300 plus sound/ looks stupid/ joke/ Nigerian unicycle scam in their own words.

That “something” is not magic, but the main concept/ invention used as base for each/ all hpv’s applications.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM is just one of them.

Instead of doing polemics with/ against the lovely “Unicyclist” members, I want to go ahead with manufacturing.

INVITATION: if there are people/ companies interested to manufacture DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM, they are welcome to contact me:

dakoroman@unicyclist.com, dakoroman@yahoo.com, mob: 0423 226 552

Minimum requirements= precision engineering capabilities.

DAKOROMAN DRIVE SYSTEM should look like beautiful pieces of engineering, to buy them even for craftsmanship/ collectables.

Ioan " Dakoroman" OASA, Sydney.

Apologies much, for my ill repute and slow fingers.

Smells like a scam

I am with Jason on this.

Something doesn’t feel right.

This seems like the guys in the 70’s who could work miracles on an internal combustion engine and get 50 miles to the gallon, but never show you what was under the hood.

We will know it’s a scam, when “a middleman” offers to meet with a buyer and pay with a money order. That’s a Craigslist scam #1

I wish you well in your endeavours, but this sounds too good to be true. Show us what you have and invite riders to try it out.

Guys, he’s not trying to sell anything. Give him a break. If he’s looking for manufacturing, it’s not us (hopefully he knows this by now). If he had something to show us, he probably would. At the moment I question whether he realizes the direct drive and torque requirements needed for unicycles. If so, there’s no need to continue the conversation. At the moment it sounds like a (non) HPV product, which to me implies a freewheel.

The only thing suspicious to me about all this is his unwillingness to name his native language. Romance language? Let’s assume Romanian for now. Apparently he doesn’t want to speak to anyone in his native tongue.

That’s it for me with this thread, until there’s a product there isn’t much to discuss. Sounds like maybe he has an idea, but lots of people have those…

His IP address shows he is posting from or through a computer in Australia. His English skills say otherwise. In any case, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt as he may have a product that unicyclists may find appealing. So, use caution in any monetary transactions, but show the market demand for a product that he is presenting so that he may be able to present to his local banker and get a loan to manufacture this device.

This I don’t understand. Do all Australians have the same English skills?

No, but his English skills do not show that he is originally from Australia or from any English speaking area. And, I think a lot of the negativism towards him is that he didn’t sound like a native English speaker.

I hope he makes the hub, it would be great. Even better than a toaster.


pm me if you have any ideas to bait this guy