Dakine Helipack (and other packs)

Looking for a snowboard pack to strap my Muni to (26er).

I did a search and stumbled across someone mentioning the Dakine Helipack. Wondering if anyone else has used one successfully.

I plan on removing the pedals since it would take me 2 minutes to install them once I’m done hiking.

Or if anyone else has any other suggestions they’d be appreciated.


I see a lot of guys in videos that just remove the one pedal facing towards them. That’s about as much help as I can be…

I’ve always used a shoelace to tie up my uni on any kind of backpack. And without even taking the pedals out! Just find a backpack with alot of straps on it and you should be fine.

That was my setup on my way to the last Unicon in Italy. It’s much easier to walk with the seat up though.

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Yep, that’s exactly what I’m shooting for. I currently have a mid-sized hydro pack that’s a bit on the small/flimsy side for strapping my Muni to. Do you tie off around the entire pack? Or to whatever straps and loops are on the back of the pack?

The beard is growing once again! :slight_smile:

I dont tie around the entire backpack, it makes it really hard to pick up stuff from the inside when you have the pressure of a shoelace holding the uni. This backpack is awesome for any kind of strapping. It has straps and loops pretty much everywhere on it.

I used to have a skate backpack for school, the ones you can put a skate board on, and it was hard to put the uni on it correctly, so my suggestion really is something that looks strong with lots of loops.

Checked out some Dakine’s today at a local sportsmans store.

The Heli Pro’s are nice, but I actually like the Mission better. Still has the snowboard straps, but had a few different bits that I liked more.

Definitely going to get one.

After finding out that the Mission isn’t hydro compatible, I ended up ordering a Heli Pro. Will post up in a few months if I like it or not.

For 20" Unis there is a really cool Backpack at Ajata: www.einradversand.de/ZUBEHOeR/Einradtaschen/406mm–20-Zoll–Einradrucksack.html
But I don’t know anything equal for a 26".