Daiki glide/wheel walk

I’m pretty sure the trick I have been practicing is called the Daiki wheel walk, I have seen a couple other people do it, even a few regular forum members so I hope you guys can help me with it.

Basically I need tips on stance. Should I be standing low, tall? I have really had no instruction on it and so far I can get about four pushes and a little over a rev, which is strangely farther than I usualy get my stand up wheel walks.

Also I can wheel walk, glide, coast, and a few of the other basic things that will probably help but stand up wheel walking for me doesn’t work right now, mostly because I won’t let go of the seat, so hopefully this will be easier (so far it is).

Any help or videos would be nice.


This is a pretty old video of mine, but I have a stand up ww and a Seat on Side stand up ww (daiki walk) in it.

For the Daiki Walk, you really want hold the seat very tight up against your leg and kind of lean over the uni. It takes some time to figure out the balance but other than that its not too bad. The learning progression is similar to any other ww trick. I’d recommend just mounting into the ww at first and then when you can comfortably do it for a few revs, try transistioning in and out. I usually go into it from seat on side idle or a crank idle, and pretty much always just drop back down to seat on side to transistion out of it.

For the Stand up ww, make sure you stand up as straight as possible (hold on to a wall/ledge/pole/whatever and practice standing as straight up as you can). Maybe even lean a little bit back and grip the seat tight between your legs.

If you can get a video of you doing it, I could give you some more tips.

Hope that all that made sense and that it helps.

Thanks man, it was actualy your video that I first saw it, then months later (now) I have started to try it and its not as hard as I thought, probably in a few weeks I might have it consistantly at least.

I have a hard time believing seat-on-side wheel walk could be easier to learn than stand-up wheel walk for anyone, although it’s true that everyone progresses differently. I worked on this trick for a while, but I never really got it down, though I did manage a few reasonably long runs. Connie Cotter gave me a few tips on this trick which you might find useful. If I recall correctly, it is important to stand up as straight as possible, and to hold the front of the saddle, not the back or the side.

I would definitely learn stand-up ww before Daiki-walk (or seat on side stand up wheel walk). I agree with what both skate4flip & jsm have said - stand up as tall as possible.

One additional tip once you get this trick down a little and you want to try freehanded:
Make sure the back knee is touching the seat and you lean over a little more than when you are doing the trick and holding the seat.

Little history on the naming of this trick as “Daiki walk”:
In the late 90s, Jamey Mossengren decided to learn this trick as he had seen it done at a Unicon. We didn’t want to call it the boring name of “seat on side stand up wheel walk”, so it was named after the person we thought had invented it - Daiki Izumida. For years, TCUC members have used it in their group, individual & pairs routines, and I’ve taught it to a few other people as well during my travels. When teaching people, I’ve used the name Daiki-walk. Recently, we found out from Daiki that he didn’t invent the trick, but the name has stuck. (I think I remember Daiki saying that he copied it from another Japanese unicyclist, but cannot remember the name.)