Daddy, poot on yor hemet!

Nearly three years ago, I was blessed with my final child, another boy, the last of four. One of the things I have always stressed with all my sons is that they wear a helmet.

Even on scooters, there I was, “Karl, go put your helmet on!”, or “Nikolaus, where’s your helmet?”. If they so much as wheeled out some wheeled conveyance, I was on them.
It’s automatic now. When they go get their bikes, they retrieve their helmets with the bike. Karl does this with his Jugglebug, as well.

My three year old can’t ride a bicycle yet, but he started with a tricycle and then moved up to a small bike with training wheels.

Today, the boys were out riding around in front of the house, and Nikolaus, our resident daredevil, likes to go fast on his bike and ride off curbs and he also is beginning to use the raised edges of the driveways as ramps to catch some air. So, I decided to make a small ramp with some scrap plywood that was earmarked for some trials obstacle some day when I have more time… I build the ramp, a shallow ramp of only 6 or so inches. Christian is riding over it on his bicycle with training wheels and Nikolaus has started crashing his bike off the ramp into the back of Christian’s plastic tricycle in a ramming maneuver, that looks great and nearly tosses Nikolaus off the bike.

I see the ramp and start thinking, “ Hey, I will just take out the MUni and ride over the ramp just once, and only once for giggles. I rush into the garage and haul out my dirt baby. I begin to mount my MUni and then it happens…

I am about to freemount, and my soon to be THREE Year old Christian, says with a furl in his brow, “Daddy, poot on yor hemet!” I look up, incredulous. Did I just hear what I thought I heard? There it is again. He repeats it. I look at him, I am embarrassed and mutter, “Umm, you’re right, Chris, I need to put my helmet on.” I walk back slowly back to the garage to find my helmet with egg all over my face.

Yeah, but, I had a sense of pride in my son, for saying that to me.

Be proud twice! He has learned what you’re teaching him, and he cares about you also.

For the scooters, wristguards are a good idea as well. They seem to be the source of endless wrist injuries.

so what happended to you/the ramp/muni

^^^^^yes wrist gaurds essentials

Me and my kids are the same with mandatory helmets.

I get the same friendly, caring reminder from my offspring if I forget my helmet. We’re both lucky to have such great kids.

that is really cool :smiley:

I’m very strict about helmets too - which is why I always wear one myself outside. My husband refused to wear one on the last ride so he wasn’t allowed to come with us.


+1 for wrist guards.

My kids have been trained well too. If it’s got wheels, you wear a helmet. ANd yes they will give me grief if I don’t put on on as well.

But my son crashed on his skateboard yesterday… SNAP… that’s his wrist…

We’ll be getting wrist guards before he rides again… we already got some for my daughter… and I think I’m going to order the KH gloves with the integrated wrist brace for me.