Dad learning to uni again! [VIDEO INCLUDED]

Because of my previous bent frame dillema and having to use my dad’s new frame for an emergency parade, he didn’t have a unicycle for a while because sonnie boy Tyler was too lazy to reassemble it. Now that I got it put together, he is starting to learn to uni again! I even got a video of some of his best and worst moments which you can find HERE. There was one time that he got alll the way across the garage without a fall, but I was dumb enough to have the cam off at the time… :angry:

Over-50 Unicyclist Trainer,


Thats great. My Dads the one that taught ME, he doesnt ride much though.

Now my moms trying to learn.

sweeet…no one in my family is patient enough or interesting enough to be a unicyclist though.

Is your dad Robert Deniro?

is your dad Shaka Khaan ?

I AM the mum, and I am teaching everybody else in my family, even if they don’t want to learn.


what an organized garage you have.

Yea, that’s dad’s work. He’s an organization freak (althougn he can never find anything when I ask him where it is) and my mom is a clean freak.

He could be, although he doesn’t have the mole. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well you go mrs cathy! huzzah!

hahaha i liked how you thanked yourself for buldinf the unicycle in the credits, man thats lame.

justin-good just dad

I can’t see your dad’s eyes, but I can see the determination in his body language.

Way to go Tyler’s dad!


That is so cool, Tyler. It looks like he could raise the seat a tad, but he’s certainly getting it.

Thanks for the encouragement guys! My dad’s doing great; he made it all the way down the driveway today!!! w00t for him! I’m sure he’ll be able to ride by the next PNUM so you can root for him, Greg. I’ll keep ya updated. :smiley: