Da Way You Roll???

Just a little survey:o
I want to know:
What style of unicycling you like? (eg:Muni, street)
What type of uni you’d recommend for it?


use the search function, ther have been atleast two of these threads in the last week or so

Woops, soz:o :stuck_out_tongue:
How do I delete a thread?

Post some advertisements of cheap Nintendo PlayStations and fake Nike shoes and Gilby will delete it for you.

:astonished: I dont get it? :thinking: :smiley:

That is so true. :smiley:

Again, use the search function. A thread cannot be deleted. The best way is to pre-delete a thread. Look at it long and hard. If starting the thread will not positively change the world for the better, it’s probably not worth posting. At that point, press delete rather than submit.

how will that help him understand?

Again, use the search function.