seat slashing

Sorry, I lost the posting about this, so I will address my remarks to the
list in general. Hope the unfortunate victim is lurking:

It's really sad that people have to act this way, attacking UNIque
individiuals in such cowardly fashion. However, keeping your cool and living
a happy life is the best revenge on such people. They may be able to ruin
your seat, but that's all external stuff. They can't touch your attitude
unless you let them.

When I read about this experience, I thought to myself: "The culprit was
probably hiding nearby to see the effect the vandalism had on the victim. It
would have been great if the unicyclist had done a freemount to seat in back
or seat in front & rode off looking quite unconcerned--maybe even blow a
rasperry (or hook a snark, or some other irreverent salute) as he spun in a
circle before riding away."


Take what you find and use it. If people give you crap, grow flowers in it.

Dennis Kathrens