Hula Hoops
>From bkonarsk@mcs.kent.edu Wed Oct 5 14:57:38 1994 From: Matt Misbach
><MISBACH@WordPerfect.com> To: unicycling@mcs.kent.edu Subject: Hula-Hoop Has
>anyone every seen/heard of a person doing a Hula-Hoop while riding a unicycle?
I was invited to ride in a parade in Sylvania OH yesterday with the Wood
One Wheelers. What a hoot! Sensory overload! But anyway, there were two
youngsters riding at the front of the procession holding hula hoops in
front with both hands at waist level and using them like a jump rope. They
would ride over the far edge of the hoop held at ground level, then swing
it up behind them and over their heads and repeat. Dennis Kathrens At
large in Ohio