D.I.Y. thread

well peoples i had a brainwave today and decided i should make a diy thread.

purpose: sp people who have made things for unicycling can post up what they made, info about it and whether it worked well or not.

please note that building a wheel, building a carbon saddle from bought parts etc is not classed as diy.

maybe think of it as more of m.i.y. or make it yourself, or modify it yourself.

things may include, handles, grind plates, frames and maybe even more complex things.

i have made a few things but currently have no pics and am too busy/lazy to get some but i will eventually.

post away

Well, I made a stiffner plate and gel seat, would that count?

I took a die, drilled a hole in it and glued a valve cap in it. It turned out pretty nice.

I’m an editor for the D.I.Y. - Optical Surgery magazine. Does that count?

I welded up a giraffe uni, a bracket that fits on my bike so I can strap my uni to it sucurly and then a 1 wheeled trailer so I can carry my uni on my bike.

I’ve made a few pairs of BC wheel plates.

Also welded a set of pedals onto the cranks because of stripped threads.

Modded my seat foam?

I’m building my own uni frame. The design is like the URT (unified rear triangle) of my Gary Fisher Level Betty FH2, or kind of like a Hunter frame. I’m spraying coats of primer now…

I’m being mentored by a friend who has a similar background in industrial fabrication. He coached my in lacing my wheel, and I used his frame building fixtures for setting up my uni. I brazed the tubing at work. I’ll get some pictures out when I get a chance.


they braze alot of custom frames for track bikes and unicycles…
do most companies weld or braze unicycle frames…

Every mass-produced uni frame I’ve ever seen was welded.

yeah i think it must be easier to do lots of welding than lots of brazing, but for custom jobs it would probably be easier and safer to braze as you have less chance of stuffing it up, and if you do you just melt the braze off.

well yer modding stuff like custom cut seat foam counts, but i just mean like if you buy some cranks/hub, rim and spokes and lace it, then yes you did do it yourself but the idea of the thread is more for one off or fully custom things.

I once made a BC wheel out of my b*ke’s front wheel, some angle brackets and steel reinforcement plates. Didn’t last too long, but oh well. Is that D.I.Y.?

Iv been planning on making a bc wheel out of a front wheel off a bike but still havnt got around to it :frowning:

i made a BC out of my brothers MTB and some wood and screws and right angle brackets.

I got in trouble.

I did the same thing and got in trouble also.

Now i use his bmx wheel:D

And i welded up some plates that don’t start to fall apart after 2 minutes